Thursday, 4 August 2011

Holiday Make Up Tips

Even when you are on holiday, make up is an essential for most women, but you don't really want to be packing your whole make up bag. So here are a few tips on the essential items you need to include in your case.

  • Keep it simple. You will still need to remove your make up and other impurities from your days on the beach so rather than taking your whole range of skin care products with you, buy good quality cleansing wipes and a great all round moisturiser which contains an SPF rating.
  • Feel like going to the beach without any make up on but want a bit more than just a moisturiser? The why not invest in a good quality primer. Most primers have light deflecting particles to help deflect the light from imperfections and dark circles. They also tend to have sun block in as well.
  • Less is more on holiday. If you want to wear make up during the day, use a tinted moisturiser as opposed to a foundation. It is lightweight yet still provides a great coverage.
  • Bronzer's are also a great product to pack for holidays. There rich tones help to enhance your tan and can also double up as an eye shadow. Buy a baked bronzer instead of the balls, less messy and last longer.
  • Lip glosses are nice and light and add a hint of glamour to your low key holiday make up. 

So you only really need a couple of key items to take away with you to create some wonderful natural looks great for the beach or a night out!

By Kizzy 

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