Saturday, 10 September 2011

Picture Box Review – August

This month we watched quite a few films on Picture Box. They had a great family film lounge and me and BG watched Coraline and Nanny Mcphee.  We really enjoyed them and it was nice to snuggle up and watch them.

I watched Changeling with Angelina Jolie which I have wanted to see for ages and it was really good. I am so glad I got the chance to see it.

We are on holiday this month and are staying in a caravan so are hoping to watch a few films in the evening when BG is in bed. The Movie lounge this month Music Movies which are my favourite types of movies!! I really want to see the Boat That Rocks so I will let you know how that is.

PictureBox  is a movie subscription service which is available on Samsung Internet-connected smart TVs, iPads and PCs. There is a selection of 28 movies every month and they load a new 7 every week. Have a look at the current selection.

It cost £4.99 a month which I think is a real bargain. 

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