Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Half term on a budget: Make an Easy Peasy Bird Feeder

In this post, Becky from Baby Budgeting shares this great idea for making bird feeders Perfect for little hands to get involved with, and great for bringing wildlife to your garden.


To make a pine cone bird feeder you just attach a pine cone to a piece of string and dip it into melted vegetable suet before rolling in wild birdseed. If your child  does not have a nut allergy this alternative may be easier for them to be involved in – using a palette knife, you could apply a coating of peanut butter to the pine cone, again before rolling in wild birdseed or peanuts.
Make a bird feeder
Great fun for the kids to do. You could set up a little production line and make quite a few! The pine cones can then be hung out ready for the birds.

This idea is an extract from my ebook . For 49 more Autumn ideas on a budget with your little one you can click through to purchase. The ebook is just £1.50. happy half term!      

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