Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Have an Alternative Half-Term

I decided to do a post about half term activities, there is craft, there are adventure walks... then I thought “No!” This is the alternative half-term, the stay at home warm, safe, cosy and fun one.

This is my 10 step guide to a fantastically fun half term
  1. PJ days – At least one day must be spent in your PJ’s. Thick woolly sock, slippers and dressing gowns are allowed. Please note everyone at home must take part.
  2. Have a movie day – popcorn, sweets and juice and armfuls of DVDs. Disney classics and at least one film like Charlie and The Choc Factory (the original obviously) or Mary Poppins MUST be included.
  3. If you have smaller children, make a den. Use arm chairs, coffee tables, broom handles and every sheet, blanket and pillow in the house.
  4. Karaoke – Sing and dance! You don’t have to use a console or have a dvd, arm everyone with a small wooden spoon and hairbrush and crank up the volume. (You can have your own XFactor party if there are enough of you).
  5. Have picnics. Picnics are not just for the summer. Living room picnics can be great fun, especially if trying out new food. The best picnics are eaten whilst in a den (see point 3).
  6. Play a board game. Not the online version but a real-life take turns and move the pieces game! We love Orchard Toys games,  Jenga (who doesn’t!), Frustration and of course Pictionary. Do your kids know how to play Charades? If not, Autumn half term is a great time to teach them.
  7. Treasure hunt! Who doesn’t love a treasure hunt? You can alter the hunt to suit the ages of the people who are taking part. Simple clues or complex riddles, it’s all an adventure.
  8. One hot chocolate must by drunk each day (complete with squirty cream and marshmallows).
  9. Need something more structured? Do a project. Last year we did one on France, we made flags, wrote important words in French, explored famous landmarks and ate lots of croissants (no-one fancied frogs legs but I did offer?!).
  10.  Make a Lego / Duplo city or world, do a family sized jigsaw (I’ve always fancied one of those 3D puzzles) or create a huge collage with everyone being responsible for part of it. Glitter in optional.

Above all else, enjoy!

Nicki Cawood, Mum, Freelance writer and Blogger at Curly&Candid

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  1. Great ideas, I've been blogging about half term activity ideas too. It's great how we all come up with something different to share isn't it? Thanks Nicki

  2. Now that sounds like my kind of holiday!! ;)

  3. love it especially as no plans will get ruined if it rains with those ideas!

  4. Brilliant! We always seem to feel the pressure to do so much in the holidays, forgetting that they are holidays! You can still do lovely things as a family without wearing everyone out! My little ones are shattered as this is a long, hard term, so we will be doing a lot of the above!

  5. Hot chocolate must be drunk every day. EVERY day? Oh well, go on then, you've twisted my arm. (It doesn't take much!)

  6. Live it! Wish I hadn't planned days out now. Maybe Warwick castle wouldn't mums if I turned up in my pjs?

  7. Fab ideas - one of my boys has chicken pox so I think most of the hols will be spent indoors. We are all in need of some chill out time.. Thanks Nicki! xxx


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