Thursday, 15 December 2011

How Do You Choose Your Family Car?

I am terrible when it comes to choosing cars, one of my main problems is that I don’t drive so when OH asks me to get involve I normally say something stupid like as long as it’s not red and has a cup holder! I don’t know my used Renault Megane family car from my Ford Escort, though I rather like the look of a Jaguar!

So how do you start looking for a car? Do you use car reviews sites in UK? Or do you have a list of things you are looking for and go from there?

What are your must haves? Mine apart from not being red and having a cup holder are very basic:

·         Must be as safe as possible
·         Comfortable
·         Big boot
·         Must be able to fit a carseat in
·         Easy to clean inside (children make a lot of mess)
·         Good radio

Of course I’m not driving it. I asked OH and he said that he looks for:

·         Safety Features
·         Reliability
·         Fuel economy
·         Price
·         Size (he is tall so he needs to fit in)
·         Millage (if its second hand)
·         Car tax costs
·         Insurance costs

I suppose the next question is do you buy new or second hand? We have always has second hand but it is a bit scary buying a second hand car when you don’t really know if it’s working as it should be.

Once you have chosen what car you want, then you have to start the buying process. Do you buy online or from a local dealer?

You know what I am glad that OH chooses the cars, I would be absolutely useless!

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  1. For me, I would first choose a car that would fit my family, plus extra space for baggage and picnic baskets. It's OK if it's expensive or hard to clean, but I don't want to see my family over-crowded while driving.

  2. I'm preferred having sufficient seating capacity and safety features than having the best audio and price when choosing the right family car. Also, it's more advisable to pick an SUV than a sedan. That way, you'd have more space to carry your extended family along.


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