Friday, 9 December 2011

Review – Personalised Christmas Cards from Bonusprint

*My family please do not read this or you will see this year’s Christmas card early*

I have wanted to print my own Christmas cards for years but never really get around to it. This year a friend of mine took some pictures of BG and I had them turned into cards at Bonusprint who kindly gave me a free credit to do so.

It was really easy to do, I just uploaded the image and then it took me through all the steps.
You choose the size you want, then you add the frame, and outer message, inner message and then you get to check it all before you order.

They arrived really quickly and they look great

Prices start from 55p each but the more you order the cheaper they are. I will be doing this every year as they are great!

Until the 12th December you can get 15% off everything just enter WBFFTEEN at the checkout.

To ensure they are here for Christmas order by the 16th December.

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