Monday, 23 January 2012

In 2012 I resolve to spend less money. Here is how.

I’m keeping my resolutions short and sweet as I think this will make them much more do-able.

My first resolution is to spend less.

How I will do this;

  • I will meal plan each week so food is not wasted and money not spent unnecessarily. I will diary this in to do each Monday morning after dropping the kids at school.
  • I will make all our gift cards this year over several craft sessions with my kids thus saving about £60, I have pencilled in 2 crafty sessions with the kids over the next month and we are going to sort out the playroom and pool all the craft stuff together this Sunday.
  • I will stop using my tumble drier by keeping on top of the laundry and popping it on each and every morning before breakfast giving me lots of time to hang it around the radiators during the day                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Photo credit:  Vince Hoang

3 very simple do-able aims with direct planned action. I will tape this up on my fridge and vow to do all through January. 21 days are supposed to be enough for a new habit to take hold so the rest of the year should then be plain sailing. Definitely a couple of hundred pounds saved here. Do you have any budgeting resolutions?

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