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Wake Up With An Electric Shower

There is nothing quite as wonderful as waking up in the morning to the soothing feel of a warm shower. Everyone seems to have their ideal shower conditions. Some like the water warm and gently flowing from the shower head, while others like the intensity of hot water and a firm, massaging flow from the shower head. If you are shopping for a new shower head today for your own bathroom, you may be curious to know just which of the many options is suitable for you. Here are some factors to consider.

Existing Water Temperature:

One of the first considerations you will need to pay attention to is if you have only cold water flowing into your shower currently or if you have a mixture of warm and cold water. An electric shower is designed to mostly work with a cold water main, and it will heat up water in its own internal heating element. This is unlike a mixer shower, which can accept both warm and cold water. It also will heat water up in its own internal heating element. Often, the temperature of the outflow of water can be controlled with ease with the turn of a simple temperature dial. Before you buy your own shower head, you do want to take time to learn about what type of water system you have in your home currently so you can find a shower head that works appropriately with it.

Electric Showers:

So just what do you get when you buy electric showers? These units are available in a variety of styles and with attractive metallic finishes that can complement almost any existing bathroom d├ęcor. You can find a basic model that may have just one spray pattern and one rate of flow for water pressure, but if you share a bathroom with another person or if you enjoy flexibility with your shower experience, you may consider a shower head with additional options. You may be able to find a model that includes more advanced features such as water failure shutdown modes, limescale reduction technology, and more.

Mixer Showers:

Mixer showers are a bit different in how they heat the water and the type of water system they can work with, but you will find that in general they can deliver the same overall shower experience for you. Like the electric models, the mixer models are available in a variety of stylish finishes, and they can be purchased in a variety of models that provide you with variations in spray patterns and water flow. You can find these with additional features like limescale reduction technology and other such features as well. Some of these models provide you with manual temperature control while others provide you with the ability preset your water temperature for greater convenience in the shower.

Many people will find that it is far easier to have a professional install their new shower head, as the electric heating models do need to be grounded, and some components require greater plumbing skills and knowledge to install. However, you can purchase your shower head on your own from any source of your choosing, after ensuring that the model you are considering works with your existing water system. Then you simply call a plumbing professional into your home to install it.

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