Thursday, 5 April 2012

Easter with Aldi

Easter is only a few days away and guessing like most people you haven’t got your Easter eggs yet and you’re not sure what you are going to have for dinner Easter Sunday. Well look no further than Aldi they have a great range of products at even better prices.

I was sent a little selection of Easter treats to try so I invited some friends over and we did the hard job of taste testing them!

This is what we tried:

Beanie Bunny 99p – Filled with beanies, the chocolate tasted lovely.  At 99p it won’t break the bank and it’s not a huge chocolate gift so ideal for children.

Mini Eggs 59p – Tasted really nice and a great price.

Flame Egg £2.99 – This is a decent sized egg with a bag of scrummy chocolates inside. My favourite were the hazelnut trio.

Bunnies Lollies 99p – You get 10 lollies which is great if you have a few children to provide for. They taste good and they went down well with the children.

Easter Marshmallows 99p – What can I say about marshmallow’s they were soft and tasty.  They are in cute bunny shapes and go well in a hot chocolate!

Filled Mini Eggs £1.29 – We got sent two different kinds. One had several different flavoured fillings and was really nice. However the ones that went down the best were the Strawberry & Popping candy ones. The strawberry flavour is nice but the light popping for the candy is really nice and the children found it fun.  

Our favourite Easter treat was hands down the popping candy eggs.

If you are planning a roast for Sunday then visit the chiller cabinet were they have fresh lamb legs  and Beef  joints at £4.99 a kg. Or if you are looking for something a bit different they have a 4 bird roast for only £7.99.

Don’t forget their Super 6 for your veg, this week it includes white potatoes 2.5kg 65p, Carrots 1kg 39p and broccoli 350g 39p.

Lastly they have a great selection of wine from £2.99 a bottle and if you are not full from all that chocolate and a roast dinner there is always their Specially Selected Belgium Chocolate Cheese Cake for £2.99!

Have a great Easter!

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