Friday, 12 October 2012

Toy Review: Matchbox Big Boots Blaze Brigade Fire Truck

Matchbox Big Boots Blaze Brigade Fire Truck & extra 3 pack of figures

Price: £24.99 + £7.99

Available from:  Amazon, Smyths (£18.49)

Suitable from: 3yrs+

Initial Reaction: I knew straight away that my 3 year old boy would love this! A fire engine and action figures – can't really go wrong!


Well made, different actions to keep them entertained.


Comes with some really tiny accessories for the figures to hold, which will inevitably get lost.

Value for money? It seems in-line with prices of other big toys so I think this is reasonable. It's well made and I think it will keep him entertained for a long time, so yes, it's good value.

Overall Reaction: A huge success! The 'big boots' figures are unusual looking; they can't fall over, like weebles they just ping back up. There are various places for them to stand on the fire truck and different levers to launch them up into the air which adds a new dynamic to a normal fire truck toy. I asked my son which was his favourite thing, but already knew the answer – the missile launcher on the top which fires out a plastic thing, that's supposed to be water. He loves having target practice and shooting the big boots figures with it!

He has since seen an advert for a Dinosaur Squad big boots toy which he now wants too, I might be tempted to get it for Christmas because they really are good toys. Thumbs up!

By Nicky

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