Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Photo Book Review: Blurb Books Part 1

I was sent a £30 credit from Blurb Books to create a photo book for Christmas. We like giving photos on this house.

You can create your book online or download the software to your computer. I always find it easier to download the software as you can save what you have done so far.

I was anticipating a long night but it actually took less time than they normally do. The photos download really quickly and it’s really easy to move them around and choose where you want them to go.

You can choose from several page layouts and add text if you wish. It took me about an hour to do a 20 page book.

Ordering was painless and the book was just under £30 with P&P

You can upload photos from your PC, Facebook, instagram and picasa.

I can’t wait to see the finished book which you will see in part 2!

Psst you can save up to 20% until 13th December

Enter the code WINTER2012 at checkout by 13 December* and save:
15% off no minimum order
20% off orders over £50
* Contains affiliate links 


  1. Blurb are brilliant, I've used them in the past to create photo books for friends.

  2. I love photo books and I hadn't heard of Blurb so I'll give them a try! :) x

    Beauty by Emma


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