Monday, 3 August 2009

Aldi's Super 6

Now I'm a huge fan of discounter supermarkets, some people may turn their nose up at them, not me!

Aldi do a super 6 fruit and veg selection each month, this month they have dropped their price to 29p!!!

Yes that's 29p!!

The super 6 this month is:

6 Pack of tomatoes
Little Gem Lettuce 2 pack

So what are you waiting for, get on down to Aldi!!



  1. We have No Aldi's local to me, but at these prices, I would GET sooo much for my vouchers!..

  2. I got excited about the Super 6 when I was told about it, but when I went it was veg we don't really eat.

    Will try again!

  3. soph4soph - Oh no thats a shame I love Aldi

    Laura- AWTYM - Its like every offer some are for you amd some aren't, they change every month which is a good thing I think. I won't buy all the super 6 as I don't eat some of it as well

  4. I love these great offers and we eat nearly all those on offer.

  5. I lurrve Aldi - i just can't resist a bargain - i must be the only person ever to actually not have enough money to pay for my shopping though! It's so cheap i once made the mistake of thinking that i could pile my trolly to the top and it would still only cost me £35. At the check out it came to £107. 96 and so i, very red faced and mortified, actually had to give back some of my shopping as i only had a £100 on me - oh the shame!

  6. That is way cool. Thanks for the tip.

  7. Well done for the new blog and my god the bargain!!! Keep them coming and in the meantime I'm off to locate the nearest Aldi!

  8. The fruits and vegetables of my local Aldi are actually better quality that at Tesco's. I also buy nuts and eggs at Aldi. Their smoked salmon is not bad either. And the store is far cleaner than my local Tesco ;-)

  9. b - Such a great offer, I now have a fridge full of salad! shame its raining!

    The wife of bold - PMSL!! How awful, its a amazing how quickly it all adds up!

    A Modern Mother - Thank you and you're welcome

    perfectly happy mum - Lol Thank you

    Fanny - My local Aldi is really good, its a 5 min walk. I love their coffee and grainary bread really yummy


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