Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Review - Enhance-me

Enhance -me is run by work at home mummy of two, she started her business after her daughter Milly was born in 2004.

Enhance-me is a site offering “Unique Personalised Enchanted portraits created from snapshots”

Basically Victoria takes a picture of your child/children (that you have already taken) and enhance it with fabulous backgrounds.

Your child can become a fairy, a pop star, a superhero or a cowboy plus other exciting creations, check out their galleries for their full range!

They will also do adult photo’s !!
All you have to do is send Victoria a photo and she will work her magic, trust me they are fab!! Photos coming up

Victoria will send you a proof then once you are happy with the photo, she will send you three versions of you photo, one in full colour, one in black and white and one in sepia, in full resolution for you to have printed at your leisure!

I love the fact that you get them printed your self, that way you can get loads printed for friends, family or have them made into cards, posters the possibilities are endless!

I’m having mine printed as Christmas presents (my family don’t read my blog!!)

Prices depend on how many in a picture, please see here, but I think they are very reasonable as you get them image not just one copy printed or have to pay high prices for extra copies

OK would you like to see what I had done with BG’s pic??

Of course you would!! This picture was taken on Christmas day BG was 6 weeks old!!

And her in the enhancement!! How beautiful it is?? I love love love it!

How can you not want one!! Remember its not just for girls there are some fab boy themes and you can have group ones

So if your looking for unique pictures, gifts or just want to be a fairy visit Victoria’s site
Enhance - me, I have plans for a few more picture!


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