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Blogger Basics With Sandy - Lesson 1 Adding Links

Welcome to first of which I hope will become a regular feature, Blogger Basics with Sandy

Sandy writes a blog called Baby Baby and very good it is too!

Sandy is happily married to Andy. Who are the proud parents of two baby boys, born within a year of each other - they planned this! Presley is two and Cash is one. She used to be a financial controller, now she's a full time mum. It's hard work but she love it.

Sandy thinks the phrase 'you've got your hands full' was written for her".

So without further ado, here is lesson 1

Lesson 1 – Adding Links

So you’ve started your Blogger blog – fantastic! You’ve written a few posts, people are starting to read what you’ve written. You may have joined British Mummy Bloggers . You’ve been reading other blogs and you can see that they use links in their blog posts. If you want to know how to add links within your blog posts, this is the lesson for you.

The How To…

1. In Blogger, when you are typing your blog post, you should type the word or phrase you would like your readers to click on. For example, this could be a person’s name, the name of a blog or organisation, or even ‘click here’.

2. In a new window or tab, open up the website you would like to link to. In the address bar on your web browser you will see the address of the page you are looking at. This is known as a url.

3. Click in the address bar. This will highlight the url. To copy, hold down CTRL and press ‘C’, or right click and choose ‘copy’.

4. Go back to your blog post. Highlight your ‘click here’ word or phrase. Then click on the icon that looks like a globe with a paperclip on it. This is the link icon. A box will open asking for the url you want to link to. You then hold down CTRL and press ‘V’ to paste, or right click whilst hovering over the box ad click ‘paste’.

You now have your link in place.

Ideas for links

There are lots of reasons to include links in your blog post.

One of the main reasons you would link to another blog is to acknowledge that blogger. For instance, they may have written a post that has inspired you to write your post. It is good form to add a link to their post when you write yours.

You may have been given an award. You can thank the blogger by adding a link to their blog. When you pass on awards to other blogs you can list them and a link to each blog. This will enable your readers to quickly go to the blog you’re acknowledging or recommending.

You may also want to include a link to an article you have read, one that you think will interest your readers.

Happy linking!


Next time on Blogger Basics: Lesson 2 - Adding Images

If you have any questions please ask, either in the comments here, or you will find my email address on my blog
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  1. Sandy that's great, in fact a few months back you gave me those exact instructions do you remember? I can't beileve thanks to your kind advice and others how far i've come techno wise, don't get me wrong i've still a long way to go but i'm proud of my little self. Thanks for the great tips !!!!!!

  2. Hi - I'm totally new to blogging and have tried to follow your instructions about linking but can't find the Links Button - I don't seem to have anything that resembles a globe and a paperclip - am I going mad or could it be hidden somewhere?

  3. The wife of bold - Glad you find Sandy's lessons helpful, tune in for more

    Mummmmeeeee - Its the 5th icon along if thats any help


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