Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Review - Sleepy Tot

I was very lucky a few weeks ago to be sent a Sleepytot comforter to review, or more correctly for Baby Girl to review because lets face it she's the one thats tests these baby products.

The Sleepytot baby comforter takes comfort a step further. By using the velcro tabs on the paws of the Sleepytot, you can attach a teether for relief on those painful teething nights or a blankie for stroking and reassurance

Or pop a soother on Sleepytot’s paws. The Millpond Child Sleep Clinic recommend the Sleepytot Baby Comforter as a way to help older babies find their dummy in the middle of the night so your baby can go back to sleep independently without fully waking. Which means the whole family can sleep all night

And Sleepytot is a perfect day time friend too. Through the exploration of toys and play items on Sleepytot your baby can develop hand eye co-ordination and learn new skills while having fun with a favourite friend

Sleepytot was designed to adapt to the changing needs of a baby and toddler, offering everything your baby needs, from fun and learning to comfort and sleep

Now BG being BG doesn't always use things in the way there were intended to be used! I don't what it is about her but she won't use a comforter in any shape or form to go to sleep. We have tried everything to help her self sooth herself to sleep, including soothers, taggy blankets and muslin square! She just won't use them, which drives as a little mad.

She does however uses it as a day time toy, its really soft so she likes to stroke it (and eat it). Its a great toy for the buggy or car as I attach toys to the four paws and she loves it. She likes that all those toys are one there but she also likes to remove them as she's learnt to open the paws! Keeps her occupied for a while, which is lovely!

I think this is a great comforter (if you're child will use it! *sigh*) its soft, well made, washable and good value for money. It would make a perfect new born gift.

It's avaiable from the Sleepytot site for £11.99 at the moment (normal price £12.99) to celebrate its first birthday.

You can register on their site for a free sleep guide and there is also a Sleepytot blog with great advice.


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