Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Halloween Goodies

It will soon be Halloween and its one of my favourite time of the year. I love the chill in the air, the chance to digg out my thick woolly jumpers and eat yummy stews and soups!

But best of all its a great excuse to get dressed up and be a big child and even better this year I have BG to dress up!!

If you having a party this year (it falls on a Saturday) or are just looking for somthing to entertain the kids, well I've got some great ranges for you, what ever your budget!


Have a collection of costumes starting at £6 they include a Glow in the dark Skeleton £6, Hero Spider Witch Costume £6, and a Caped Vampire Costume £10.

They also have some cool themed t-shirts and wellies! starting from £3.

For the party they have selected party food 2 for £3 plus a selection of great spooky biscuits and cakes form thier bakery, for more details see here and checkout their fab halloween partywear selection prices start from £1, my favorite is the Creepy Champagne Flutes!


Sainsbury's have a small collection of costumes including a Cat, witch and skeleton they are all £9. They also have a collection decorations instore including a spooky CD!

They do have some great recipes and ideas for you to try including Halloween Ghosts and a Spooky Swamp Monster!


Tesco are currently offering their halloween costumes at a introductory price, they have both children and adult costumes including this cute Pumpkin costume and this Teen Ghost Pirate Costume .

They have also got some great offers for Halloween and some fab recipes


Matalan have one of the best ranges I have seen, prices range from £2 for a pair of strippy tights to £50 for a adult Werewolfs Costume, which looks awesome!

Check out their full range of costumes here, which include this cute Spider Tabard £6 and this girls sleepsuit £5


Have a great collection of adult and kids costumes starting from £2 they include this fab Baby Witch Outfit £9.50 (I've actually got this for BG) and this Mummy Cuddles T-shirt £2


Have 3 for 2 on their Halloween range, and with hats and broomsticks at 99p you can't go wrong!
To help make you life at little easier The Great Toy Guide have some great reviews on the latest Halloween costumes, these are real reviews by real parents!

And lastly Viloet Posey is holding a Halloween party over at her blog so be sure to check that out!

Whatever you are doing have a great time



  1. You have some great stuff on there :) Mmm spooky biscuits.....yum!

  2. Thanks hun, some great recipes x


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