Monday, 19 October 2009

Have We Lost The Art Of Story Telling?

The smoothie maker innocent and children's author Francesca Simon have been working on a new kids writing project based on the old game of consequences. Children all over the UK will be invited to get involved in creating a series of 26 stories, each inspired by innocent’s new alphabet fridge magnets (available in special multi-packs of kid’s smoothies).

A survey on UK parents which shows that an over-whelming 95% have lost the art of story telling (creating a make believe story for their children at bedtime). and another 58% have to rely on their children to help them make up a story. We hope the project with innocent and Francesca will help get both kids and parents inspired to create imaginative and fun stories again

To kick things off, Francesca has written the opening line to every story – but as of October 19th, it'll be over to children across the UK to decide what happens next. All they need to do is log onto and click on the letter of the alphabet that takes their fancy.

The idea is simple.

Choose your letter and story
Read what’s already been written
Then add your own line

It’s as easy as that. Everyday a winning line will be chosen and the competition will start over again. We have lots of support from primary schools who will all be taking part in the first week of the game, so we hope it's going to be something the nation's kids really get behind


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