Thursday, 8 October 2009

The Tale Of Two Reviews

People may mock Twitter but for me its a great support system and a great place to get information quickly.

A little while ago there was a conversation about toys and some mums started to discuss the The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo, two of these mum's agreed to write a review on it, so here they are!

The first is from Tola who runs Chocolat A Toi . Tola is Mumpreneur who LOOOVES designing chocolate wrappers, enjoys organising events, networking and the buzz of life!

Here is her take on the Jumperoo:-

Do you have a very clingy yet curiously intelligent tot? Then this is the toy for you. The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo. My daughter was just about 5 months when I got her this toy. I was seriously searching for something she could be occupied with while I cooked and cleaned the house.

After much searching on the internet, I found the Rainforest Jumperoo by Fisher-Price on Amazon. It was quite expensive but I was ready to be hands-free and willing to pay anything just to grab a bite or load the washer. Then I decided to read the reviews. I came across one from a Mum of 3 who said she really couldn't afford the toy but eventually bought it because like me she was desperate. Her experience? Worth it. And 6 months later, I can say so too!

DD loved the toy instantly. It's extremely colourful. She would sit in it and play for several minutes while I cleaned, cooked and chatted with her. DD had battled Reflux even before we came home from hospital and I loved the fact that I could feed her in the Jumperoo. She was in an upright position while eating and afterwards.

When she did start to jump though it was a different story because she would then be sick on the toy's seat rim. Was I glad to find out that the fabric was not only machine washable but also tumble dry friendly on a low setting and has survived the wash so far.

The Jumperoo has several lights, rolling toys, hanging toys that DD loved to chew but also helped me keep track of how tall she had grown. It has two very funky tunes that even her Nan now knows. DD absolutely loves music. You can set the music to play continuously for 4 minutes or at intervals to reward baby for jumping!

Before DD stopped sitting in her Jumperoo, about when she started cruising - early in her eleventh month, she loved to sit in there and watch Big Cook Little Cook and all her other CBeebies friends. She would often fall asleep in there after a good meal and goodbye lullaby from In the Night Garden.

I spent £86 on the Jumperoo. Have I recouped my investment? Definitely and I still am because now DD takes daring steps, holding on to it as she cruises.

As of today,these are the best prices Ive seen:
£65.99 new - Argos Fisher Price Deluxe Rainforest Jumperoo
£63.90 new - All-in-one-place Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo
£84.99 new - Amazon
Also check E-bay and Amazon MarketPlace

At the mo' , I wont be selling mine - see below, except next L.O doesn't like it. However, if you're looking to buy one that has never been used do contact me via my blog. Here's to happy Jumperooing!

Here is Kims from KiddyCat review:-

To Jumperoo or not to Jumperoo? That is my question.

Do you find that you are being bombarded with information on what is and is not good for your baby’s development? Should you use a baby walker, a door bouncer or what about an activity centre? Does it really matter? What is important is the how the baby is stimulated while they play and that comes from human interaction during their play time.

I am mum to 2 young boys and the owner of KiddyCat – The kids Cataogue. I have created my business to help mums out by introducing only the products that I found useful with my own children. I found that there was so much information on the market and all I really wanted was to find a website that only sold really useful things that I would honestly use. And KiddyCat was born.

My youngest is now 14 months and we decided to invest in a play activity station for him. He was 6 months old when we introduced J to the Rainforest Jumperoo. The Jumperoo retails at between £75.00 to £85.00 and I really found I got my money’s worth.

The rainforest Jumperoo is made by Fisher Price and I found that it not only allows the baby to strengthen their legs by bouncing, it also stimulates their imagination with the range of activities and music. There are options of 2 different music settings, one that is constant and the second that is played only when the toy is touched.

The Jumperoo also grows with your child’s physical and mental ability too so it isn’t just a one minute wonder. The activities have the ability to be guided by you, you can use the characters for story telling, the music for development and you can also, depending on your child’s ability, get them to turn around to other activities. The range of activities allows the jumperoo to become a long term investment that provides new stimulating activities at each play session.

My son is now running around and has grown out of his Jumperoo and I will shortly be looking for a new home for it. Why not check out for some secondhand activity stations. And don’t forget you can join KiddyCat’s website to receive our latest deals and newsletters.

Thank you ladies, two great reviews from two great Mumprenuers!


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  1. grams just bought baby belle this...she goes CRAZY in it, it is so fab! xxx


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