Monday, 16 November 2009

Review - Johnson's Baby Soothing Naturals

Me and BG have been testing the new Johnson’s Baby Soothing Naturals range. BG has been getting dry skin lately on her back so I jumped at the chance to try this to see if it helped.

The range contains a unique blend of natural ingredients and plant extracts to help soothe dry or sensitive skin. Naturally derived Vitamin E, known for its skin soothing benefits. Olive leaf extract from organically grown olive trees, for its antioxidant effect. Essential minerals, potassium and magnesium, which play a key role in maintaining a healthy skin barrier

I was sent the Moisture Rich Bath, 400ml; this is a gentle, creamy moisture rich bath with No More Tears and Nourishing Lotion, 250ml.

New research from Johnson’s Baby has shown that baby skin absorbs and loses moisture at a much faster rate than adult skin. The study also showed that signs of skin dryness were not always evident to parents. 90% of mums surveyed believed that their baby's skin was not dry, yet over 60 per cent of babies' skin showed clinical signs of dryness1. Because your baby's skin is so delicate, it's a good idea to use a moisturiser frequently.

We used the Moisture Rich Bath first. It doesn’t foam very much, there are not a lot of bubbles but it didn’t dry out BG’s skin. Her skin was left soft after her bath, though her back was still quite dry. I l also used it in my bath and its really gentle on the skin, I was left feeling moisturised and it didn’t make my hair stringy or dry as some bubble baths do.

Once BG had her bath we applied the nourishing lotion to her skin, paying particular attention to her back. The next day there was no improvement but it hadn’t got any worse.

I found that we started to benefit after a few days of baths and application of the lotion. My skin is defiantly softer and BG’s back is much better, though it still has dry patches. I’m hoping that if we continue to use it that her dry skin will go completely.

This is a nice range, it seems lovely and the lotion is nice and thick. I like the natural ingredients; I do worry like most mums about what I use on her skin. I also like that we can all use it, no need to buy separate items which helps save those pennies! I will continue to use this range.

You can purchase this range from Boots, Sainsbury’s and Tesco and they also make a nappy cream.



  1. I used this when Charlie had really dry skin on his face. It worked really well. x

  2. somebody please help i cant seem to find the nappy cream anywhere. it worked wonders on my baby s skin but i cant seem to find any and i've looked everywhere, i mean everywhere. someone please help!

  3. OMG im exactly the same I can't find the nappy cream anywhere anymore!!! it's amazing and it's running out help!! :(

  4. Me too! Where can we buy it now???? Please help


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