Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Blogger Basics With Sandy - Lesson 3 Adding Video

Now we’re getting flash! If you would like to know how to add video to your blog post, this is the lesson for you.

The How To

1) To add your own video that is saved on your computer:

In Blogger, when you are typing your blog post, click on the ‘Add Video’ icon. This will open an ‘Upload Video’ window.

Click on the ‘Choose File’ button. Double click on the video file saved on your computer. Tick the ‘I agree to the upload terms and conditions’ box. Click ‘Upload Video’.

Now you wait and wait and wait. This can take up to 20 minutes! Be patient.

Eventually you will see your video in your blog post.

2) To add a video from elsewhere on the internet:

This is far easier than option 1.

In Blogger, when you are typing your blog post, simply copy and paste the ‘embed HTML code’ from the source destination into your post.

The easiest way to get the ‘embed HTML code’ is from YouTube. If you find a YouTube video you want to display on your blog you will see the code next to ‘Embed’ a third of the way down the screen, on the right hand side. Simply copy and paste into your blog post.

When you click on ‘Preview’ you will see the video on your blog post.

Video Hints and Tips

If you want to add a home movie to your blog post it will probably be easier to create a YouTube account. You can then upload your videos there and simply copy and paste the ‘embed HTML code’ into your blog post.

If you want to use a video you have found on the internet please check the copyright situation. You may find that an image is ‘creative commons’. This means you can use the image, but you should give credit to the creator. You can do this by adding the sentence ‘Video Credit: Jo Blogs/website url’.

If you’re not sure, it’s best to assume that the video is copyright and you should not use it without permission.

I have found that it’s best to add any video you would like to use before you start typing your blog post. I find if you add an image later it can confuse Blogger and change the font you are typing in. I then find it infuriating trying to correct the font. This may be a quirk of Blogger, or it could just be me!

One excellent use of a video is the ‘A Minute for Madeleine’ campaign that was recently promoted on British Mummy Bloggers. If you didn’t see it, it’s on my blog, posted 6th November 2009.


Next time on Blogger Basics: Lesson 4 - Widgets

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