Saturday, 21 November 2009

Rules For A Perfect Family Christmas

John Lewis has asked mums to tell them their rules for a perfect family Christmas so here it goes...

This will be our second Christmas with BG, however she was only 6 weeks old and the only rule I had was I wasn’t cooking! As I was putting this post together I didn’t realise that I actually had rules for Christmas (my family may disagree), the problem with these rules is that they are pre-baby, so I’ve come up with new ones (ssh haven’t told them yet!).

Here are my pre and post baby Christmas rules.


Pre-Baby  - There were none!

Post-Baby -  Christmas is all about BG and being with all of our family. The aim is for BG not to be too overwhelmed by it all, but to enjoy spending time with the people who love her the most.

The Christmas Meal

Pre-Baby - If I’m going Christmas Dinner do not come in my kitchen, If I need help I will ask. You may do the washing up because I’m not. If someone else is cooking, thank you very much I shall sit with a bottle glass of wine and enjoy the day.

Post-Baby- Get someone to do the cooking so I can enjoy the time with BG.

The In-laws

Pre-Baby -  We’ll see you boxing day!

Post-Baby - Make MIL happy by letting her cook Christmas Dinner (see rule The Christmas meal). This year to make everyone happy we are all going to OH parents for dinner, my dad, sister and OH included (I’m sure we’ll all get on)


Pre -Baby – Watch dodgy Christmas movies on TV, then attempt to play games after a few drinks. A drunken dad trying the play the wii is most entertaining.

Post-Baby - Play with BG


Pre-Baby - Classy and elegant with a colour scheme. Less is more

Post-Baby -The tackier the better, bright, flashing lights and lots of!! I want BG to be fascinated and stimulated its all about her!

There are my rules for my perfect family Christmas, what are yours?


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