Thursday, 11 February 2010

The Great Bathroom Clear Out

Last week I promised to clear out my bathroom, as part of the Rubbish Diets challenge

Well I did it, it took about an hour and I felt good afterwards. I’m a real hoarder of things and a bargain hunter which leads to a lot of clutter as you can see below

There's more....

I took everything out of the cupboard and the basket on the side and sorted it into groups...

I found 2 Shampoos, 2 conditioners, 6 shower Gels, 3 body scrubs, 4 bubble baths, 2 bath salts, 2 gift sets, 3 tubes of toothpaste, 5 bars of soap and a lot more

In the cupboard was also empty toilet roll packets, carrier bags and some empty bottles, theses have all been recycled.

My bathroom is now clean and clutter free

I have organised the cupboard and I won’t be buying any new toiletries until they are needed!

I promise to no longer be swayed by offers and to ‘stock up’, I will buy only what is needed and where possible by unisex shower gels so me and OH can share, and share bubble bath with BG (I haven’t told them yet!).

I also promise to only buy packs that are recyclable

Next week I’m tackling my bedroom, which I fear has more lotions and potions



  1. Very useful, thanks for the reminder. I've got a bin liner full of lotions and potions that I keep thinking I'll use. Baby lotion dating to baby one (who is now nearly 5) and endless body lotions. Now have a task for this weekend. Thank you. I think!

  2. I have a basket in my bathroom that has loads of shower gels in from when Asda were doing 4 for £3. I also have a teenager which leaves half empty shampoo bottles everywhere and starts a new one because she has used up all the conditioner first! I can't work it out.

  3. I completely need to sort out all our things...thanks for the motivation :)

  4. angelsandurchins - You're welcome!! It really does feel good x

    ang - I use my conditioner up first, not sure how

    WADs - Your welcome, the bathroom was the easiest room to start with x

  5. That is a lot of stuff. I thought I was bad. I have occasional clear outs and amaze myself at the junk I tend to keep.

    CJ xx

  6. I'm going to do this too (and no buying new stuff until I've used all those half full bottles up!)

  7. What a great result. I love your photos too showing, especially the post declutter. Can't wait to see how you get on with the next stage.

    P.S. if you haven't read it already, I can really recommend The Book of Rubbish Ideas by Tracey Smith, which gives you a room-by-room method of sorting out your rubbish.


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