Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Guest post from Liz at LivingwithKids

 How to afford time off with your baby

I went back to work far too quickly after giving birth because I was afraid that if I didn’t I would find myself without a job to go back to. It’s something I really regret because I missed out on a lot and if I could turn the clock back I would. But I know lots of mums who have found themselves in the same position recently and have been worried about surviving on statutory maternity pay

In her fab book the catchily titled ‘How To Afford Time Off with Your baby’ full-time mum Becky Goddard-Hill gives 101 ways to ease the financial strain of having kids. Like me, she’s a fan of online grocery shopping to save money, stocking up and she also has some really cool tips on cutting the cost of children’s parties, saving for your baby’s future (don’t forget http://www.kidstart.co.uk/ is a great way to do this) and cheaper Christenings, plus lots more.

But my absolute favourite tip from Becky has to be her one about growing your own. I’m lusting after a greenhouse at the moment and at the risk of sounding like an Earth Mother (I’m so not!) what could be better than growing your own veg (and even fruit)? Lemons, herbs, olives... mmmmm. Mind you I draw the line at getting free-range pigs and chickens (I’m not sure if this was a serious suggestion, Becky). It’s bad enough clearing up child/puppy mess.

What are your favourite money saving tips? Share them below:

Thank you Liz for the great guest post!



  1. Genuinely, we keep a few chickens in our back garden and you would not believe how much fun it is! I don't think it's particularly a cost-saving measure right enough, by the time you buy the coop you're out at least a year or two's worth of eggs!

    My money saving tips are to utilise the sales for birthday presents, clothes and necessities. I spent about £50 in the January sales and managed to fill my 'presents box' for the kids to give to their peers. We usually have a budget of £12 per child for present, wrapping & card - this can be significantly cut down with careful shopping. If (like me) you barely have a weekend without a party, this can be very cost efficient.

  2. Excellent post, Liz. As a farmer I guess I should be more self sufficient, but having my own hens, therefore free range eggs is as far as I get! Of course we could eat our own lambs but I just couldn't - would rather buy from the supermarket!!

    Money saving tips for me are not to shop. Simple.

    CJ xx


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