Monday, 15 February 2010

Pampers Underjams

As a parent, it can be difficult to watch your child struggle through any problem. The challenges faced by bedwetting can be especially hard.
UnderJams wishes to help parents not just manage the problem with the new product, but also help overcome the problem by working with the charity ERIC, so parents can understand the causes of bedwetting and read up on top tips that may help provide a solution.

UnderJams understands the importance of empowering your child so they feel confident enough not to miss out on important childhood events, like sleepovers with friends. That’s why protection has now been made private, thanks to your child’s new Pyjama Partner. New UnderJams are the quietest overnight protection for kids, as well as being shaped lower at the front to offer the most discreet fit.

New UnderJams are designed to look and fit like underwear so that they can be worn discreetly under pyjamas.

1. Absorbent underwear that helps kids get the night time protection they need with the privacy they want.
2. Designed like underwear so that protection is made private.
3. Helps provide night time protection without the world having to know.
4. The quietest Pyjama pant.

If you would like a free sample of Underjams email me at and I will arrange for a sample to be sent to you.

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  1. We tried these out and really liked them. There is no creaky-crinkly nappy noise because they are very soft. We have tired Dry Nites and they leaked so we would buy these in future. The only thing I would say is that they seem to be designed for the average child. My daughter is smaller than average; even though she is nearly 7 they were actually a little on the big size and so not as discreet as I would have liked, not that it bothered her. She still fits into pull-ups so it would be a whole before we needed to buy these. But if we do, we would.


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