Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The Silver Cross 'Surf'

Silver Cross is launching a new pushchair/pram next month and to say I’m excited is a understatement!

Look how pretty it is

Its called the ‘Surf’ and is a unique all-terrain reversible pushchair pram combination, so it can be front facing or parent facing. The suspension is air sprung making the ride really smooth and comfortable

It is lightweight with the frame weighing just 7.5 kg and ultra compact meaning it will fit into even the tiniest of boot spaces. The ‘Surf’ is suitable from birth to toddlerhood; the whole package includes the frame, the seat, the newborn baby nest, rain cover, seat liner, insect nest and protective apron

Silver Cross has worked hard on this pushchair using feedback from customers, online forums and blogs!

I for one can’t wait to for it to launch.

To celebrate the launch of their new Facebook page and the new ‘surf pushchair, Silver Cross are running a competition to win one, and when I say one I mean number one off the production line!

It will be hand crafted with a unique number 1 embroidery ensuring you have the number 1 Surf, which Silver Cross think of as their most exciting launch to date

So what are waiting for, go and enter now

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  1. Yes weve got one and the baby does not lye flat in the baby snug which is supposed to be from birth. I`ve emailed Silvercross about and it and they have not bothered to reply. So personally I wouldn`t buy the Silvercross Surf. If anything the baby snug restricts the babys airway. And the customer service is rubbish. Wasted hundreds.


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