Thursday, 25 March 2010

Guest Post - Tips For Mums Looking For Work From Home

Many mothers give up their day job to look after their children for their early years. Afterwards, some find that they cannot get work and others do not want to go back to work. However, with the rapid rise of the internet, a lot of opportunities have come along for mum’s to earn money from the comfort of their own home. The internet is crawling with good opportunities as well as scams.

Prepare Yourself
Before deciding to start working from home, it is important to prepare yourself psychologically. Looking after children is physically and emotionally draining at times, so combining this with work is tough. Also, it is important to decide how much time and effort you can commit.

There are a number of options for mum’s to take regardless of the type of work that is preferable. Generally, it is advised to take advantage of your current skill set and find a job in that field. A significant proportion of jobs are now found online. However, many of these are not work at home jobs.

Instead, you can register on freelance websites, such as Elance, which is one of the most reputable companies. Elance charges a small fee to join but there is a larger network of people posting jobs, meaning more opportunities. Initially, it is recommended that you join a free network so that you do not lose money, for example Guru. These sites connect people wishing to outsource jobs, to a large community of specialised workers. Skills that are particularly sought after on these sites are typing, translating, web designing, marketing, graphics designing and other tasks which can be completed remotely.

Become A Writer
If you are articulate you could become a writer. The internet is a massive web of information and many companies need writers so that they can publish more content. In particular, online magazines often recruit new writers, so look for these sites. Another option is to join a hub, such as HubPages. You can choose to write about an area of expertise or particular interest to you, but normally they will instruct you to base your writing around a set of keywords which will help the page to gain a good ranking on search engines. This is mutually beneficial as it increases traffic and you will typically be rewarded on a split profits basis from advertising. Hubs are a good source of passive recurring income, but you must write at least 10 quality articles for it to make an impact.

Easy Jobs
There a number of other easy opportunities to make money on the internet, the most common being paid surveys, data entry and paid to click/ read/ watch. Amongst these, there are literally thousands of scams, so it is important to look for clues such as the website’s professionalism and whether it’s a registered company. Most importantly, do not pay for the opportunity to do any of these jobs, this is the most prevalent sign of a scam.

Paid surveys involve completing a questionnaire for market research companies and are relatively easy to do as they only require your opinion. Mothers are a target market for many companies, as well as being key household decision makers. Therefore their opinion is very valuable meaning they receive more invitations to complete surveys than other demographics. 

However, you will need to join several companies to make a decent income. Data entry jobs are most often posting ads on other people’s websites and making money when other people join through your ad, like affiliate marketing. Paid to click/ read emails/ watch ads are self-explanatory and very easy to do but offer rewards in the pennies to complete tasks.

If you have the time and patience, it might be worthwhile exploring a few of these options to see which work best suits you. 

Good luck job hunting!

Article written by Work From Home Jobs

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