Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Micro Pet-i Giveaway

With Easter week (30th March – 5th April) fast approaching, why not treat your children to the hottest toy of 2010, Tomy’s Micro Pets-i?  ‘Chocolate the dog’ is the perfect Easter gift for children.

Help them Easter hunt for their own little prized pet from; Chocolate the Dog, Mocha the Cat and Pudding the Bear.  The Micro Pets-i are a fun alternative to real chocolate; they last longer and kids love them!  Featured on The Gadget Show at RRP £9.99 they are a great Easter surprise for children.

 Micro Pets-i are the latest version of the toy craze from Tomy. Originally a hit in 2002, selling over 1 million in the UK alone, Micro Pets-i are now fast on their way to selling out in 2010.  

The miniature interactive palm-sized pets that move, talk and sing are very entertaining.
The Micro Pets-i are available in nine smart ‘cats’, ‘dogs’ and ‘bears’, and each tiny pet moves, communicates and sings just by responding to your hand movements. 

The Micro Pets-i have ‘Artificial Intelligence’ sensors so they can dodge things in their path and even sing!

 Micro Pets-i have four different interactive modes plus a Bonus mode, which you can control by knocking the floor in front of the Micro Pet-i with its special ball:

 1.     Avoiding Mode - Knock the floor twice and you Micro Pets will say “Let’s Go” The Micro Pet-i it will move forward and dodge any obstacles in its path

 2.     Following Mode - If you knock 3 times, your pet will say “Let’s Play” and they are now in following mode.  In this mode Micro Pets follow the ball or your fingers.

 3.     Singing Mode - If you knock the floor 4 times, they will now be in singing mode.  Each Micro Pet can sing 2 songs and the songs are different by Dog type, Bear type and Cat type.

 4.     Communication Mode – When 2 Micro Pets face each other, they start to communicate by infra-red and start to sing together.

Fortune Telling Mode – When Micro Pets have communicated with each other over 5 times, they then randomly move into fortune telling mode.  When they are in Fortune telling mode they will sing to each other; if they have chemistry then they will sing the wedding march, if they don’t get on then you will hear a dark sound effect.

You can also go on the website www.micropets-i.com and meet, train and play games with the pets. 

I have two Micro Pets-i to give away, Chocolate the Dog and Pudding the Bear, they are worth £9.99 each and are suitable for children aged 6 and over.

All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me you want to be entered in to the draw. I will use a random number generator to pick two winners. 

Giveaway ends 9pm Sunday 28th March.

Good Luck



  1. Aww they are adorable. I want two to hear them sing the wedding march :) x

  2. English Grandma23 March 2010 at 12:08

    Me, me please! I'd love one of these....and I'm over 6!!

  3. I want one for meeeeeee! They look so cool! *childhoodm memories* xx

  4. i think they are cute, my eldest had something similar many years ago - so i wonder how updated they are now and possibly my youngest would be interested in these (if not the cats would love them!)

  5. Sooooooo cute , i just know my little ones would love them

  6. Me please !! my 3 keep hassling me for a real hamster - show me responsibility and then we'll see !! this will show me if they can look after a robot 1st then maybe progress !!!!

    Great giveaway

  7. I'm not sure who'd want one more, me or the boy!

  8. Ooh, put my name in hat please - my little girl would love one : )

  9. Oh these are so cute, my daughter would love one of these!

  10. Awww very cute! Little miss would love one of these!!


  11. I'd love to be entered into the draw - my little girl would love one ;-)

  12. Me please...over here, smurf would love this and , it wont whine to get out in the middle of the night...hopefully

  13. I would love to have one of these as my pet! I live in rented accommodation and I am not aloud a "real" pet; this would be perfect!! Oh and I am over 6 years old!

  14. Comment added by New Mummy on behalf of Rudedoodle who couldn't not accces comments from phone.


  15. hola soy cristina y se me han roto los dos m pets que tengo y me gustaria comprar el perro azul y perro rosa
    y me gustaria saber cuanto me costaria de dinero


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