Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Review - Femibion Energetic Mum

At the end of January I was sent some Femibion Energetic Mum vitamins to try. I had been feeling quite run down, so thought I could do with something to give me a boost. 

Femibion Energetic Mum is a first multi-nutrient probiotic specifically formulated for busy mums containing iron, zinc and CoQ10. Independent research has shown that the specially selected probiotics help support the body’s natural defense system while CoQ10 helps the body to release energy.

Femibion Energetic Mum is part of the Femibion range of Women’s supplements from Seven Seas. The Femibion range provides a range of supplements to support women through each of their life stages from Healthy Pregnancy to Radiance, Balance and Healthy Bones.

I started taking them in February as that’s when I remembered I had them, and took them for a month.  To be honest I personally didn’t see much difference after taking them, I’m not sure how long you should take them for them to start working.

I think the reason they didn’t make a difference to me is that I actually quite a poor diet sometimes and really don’t get enough exercise, you can pump all the vitamins into me as you like but all the crap I eat will probably counteract them.  

These would have probably worked best if my lifestyle was a little healthier; they are a supplement not a miracle cure! 

I think what they have done for me, is point out that my lifestyle is really bad if a multi-vitamin can’t help give me a boost and I really have to change the way I’m living. So thank you to Femibion for that, maybe when I’ve improved my lifestyle I will try them again.

For more information on Energetic Mum and Femibion pop over to their site by clicking here

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