Thursday, 18 March 2010

Review - Aveeno Skincare

The weather plays havoc with my skin, especially my hands. In the cold weather my knuckles go really dry, cracked and sore, I’ve found the constant washing up and cleaning of BG has made them even worse this year. I feel like I spend most of the day washing something of them! 

I’m really bad at wearing gloves, whether that’s outside in the cold or for the washing up which doesn’t help the matter. I was sent a sample of Aveeno hand cream and Daily Moisturising Lotion to test and review. Now for the science bit....

AVEENO® uses naturally active ingredients from nature which are proven to benefit the skin. Oats have long been known for being absorptive and hypoallergenic, whilst softening, cleansing and soothing the skin. In 1945 scientific advances made way for the fine milling of oatmeal into “colloidal oatmeal”. This allows oatmeal to retain its naturally active benefits, which include

Moisturising skin: Oat proteins leave a protective barrier on the skin, which prevents water loss to help maintain moisture. 

Cleansing dry skin: Oats are naturally absorptive and when in powder form, act like tiny sponges to withdraw dirt and dead skin cells so they can be rinsed away.

Soothing dry, irritated skin: Colloidal oatmeal has been clinically proven to relieve dry skin and associated itching.

I tried the hand cream first, now it promises to moisturise up to 24 hours and forms a protective glove, well it does. I have bought loads of hand creams that had made similar promises but never really work but this one does. It rubs in quickly; it’s not greasy or sticky. It soothed my dry skin instantly and stays on my hands all day no matter how many times they got wet, I was and I still am very impressed. It has worked wonders on my poor dry hands. I also liked that it said ‘fragrance free’ and it really was fragrance free.

I have quite sensitive skin and find a lot of creams can irritate but this didn’t and neither did the moisturising lotion. That too absorbed quickly and left my skin soft all day, it is lovely to slather on after a bath.

I would recommend this range to anyone, especially if you have sensitive skin. Its easily absorbs, is long lasting and soothes dry skin.

Aveeno have three ranges these are the Daily Range I tested, Skin Relief Range and the Intense Dry-Skin Range. The range can be found in most supermarkets and chemists.
For more information on Aveeno and their full range then have a look at their site by clicking here.

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  1. There was a woman in Boots promoting this today. I didn't bother to go over but if she's still there tomorrow or in the week when I go back I just might give it a try. Thanks Carol.


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