Monday, 12 April 2010

Review - Hotter Shoes

I love shoes, I mean *really* love shoes, unfortunately they don’t always love me. I have flat, wide feet, huge calves that make boots a nightmare and my right ankle is bigger than my left, caused by an old injury. Mix them all together and shoe shopping isn’t always a pleasure for me.

So when the opportunity arose to review some new shoes from Hotter Shoes well I jumped at the chance! Now I didn’t actually choose shoes, I went for a boot as a really needed a pair and as I said I struggle to find a pair to go over my calves.

Hotter shoes are a family run, British based firm that has been producing comfortable shoes for over 50 years. Hotter shoes are all about the comfort, their secret? Well it’s all about the bubbles! Million of air bubbles cushion your feet, discreet hidden depth gives your toes space to move, padded ankle supports, removable innersole, smooth internal seams, soft heel cushioning and extra wide sizes.

The boot I choose was the Jade extra wide pull on boot and I would just like to say these are the most comfortable boots I have ever worn. Not only did they actually fit over my big fat feet and ankles but they are so comfortable to wear. They feel almost bouncy under your feet, a bit like walking on air, they haven’t rubbed once and I’ve had no pain or achiness on the bottom of my feet which I often get because my feet are flat.

They look really nice, they are fab under jeans and also look good with leggings, I’m yet to try with a skirt, though I suspect my legs are too short to pull them off.

At £79 I would say that’s a good price for a pair of boot I will get lots of use out of and that can be worn straight away, with no need to ‘break in’ so to speak.  If all their shoes are as comfortable as these I’m onto a winner. I have to admit that not all their styles are to my liking, they are little ‘old’ for me, but they are some lovely shoes, I have my eye on the Dizzy next and maybe Purbeck.

I would recommend Hotter shoes, especially if you have trouble with having wide feet like me. 


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