Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Reebok EasyTone Trainers

Last month Reebok invited me and some other lovely bloggers to London for the afternoon to show us their new toning trainers EasyTone.

According to Reebok EasyTone Trainers creates up to 28% more bum muscle activation, 11% more thigh muscle activation and 11% more calve muscle activation compared to alternative footwear options. Interested? Yes, so were we!

So on a cold, wet Saturday I took the train to London to find out more about these toning trainers, anything that can tone my thighs and bum without me having to step foot in a gym is worth a try. Firstly I’d like to say thank you to Reebok and the PR Company who took good care of us while we were there and spoilt us just a little bit.

Firstly they explained how the trainers work , here comes the science bit...

The reason Reebok EasyTones are so revolutionary is due to the special “balance pods” in the sole. These pods were developed by former NASA scientist Bill McInnis, who now heads the Advanced Innovation Department at Reebok. novation Department at Reebok. 

The theory is: 

Instability in every step you take forces your muscles to adapt, making them work harder. 
McInnis spent 18 months perfecting the pods to create the most effective natural instability, and then conducted a series of tests on a cross-section of women to test this theory, and found that compared to an ordinary training shoe, EasyTone increases muscle activation by:

28% in bum muscles
11% in thighs
11% in calves

So with every step, your legs will get leaner and your bum that little bit better”

After they explained how they worked and we saw the advert and all hoped and prayed our bums and legs would look like hers, we were all given our EasyTone trainers and goody bags.

 Thankfully my fitted just right, so we popped them on and went for a walk to try them out. As well as the marketing manager and PR people, they were also personal trainers that walked with us and gave us advice on how to use them properly, so this is what I found out

  • They are not for running in; they will be launching trainers to run in soon
  • Start of slowly with them, don’t wear them all day, every day or you will hurt.
  • Depending on how often you wear them, realistically it will take 3-4 weeks before you see a change.
  • Results with differ from person to person.

By the time we had reached our destination (and had our picture taken) you could really feel you had been walking, it was like we had walked up a hill, we then had to walk back. My legs really ached that night but it was a good ache like I had, had a work out.

I have had them 4 weeks now, for the first week I wore them every other day for a an hour or so, then gradually a bit longer each time, last week I didn’t wear them at all because we were at home because of BG’s Chickenpox, however I have noticed a small difference in my calves they hard defiantly toner than they were. Now BG is on the mend we will be out about more so I can get back into the habit of wearing them again, and I must remember to wear them at home when I do the housework!

They are really comfortable to wear, they haven’t rubbed once. I thought that they would be really strange to walk in but they are not that bad and once you get used to it, they don’t feel any different.

My ultimate goal with these trainers are to tone my thighs that are far to wobbly for my liking, I’m also hoping they will encourage me to eat better and lose some weight which will help with the toning. I will give you an update in 4 weeks time and let you know how I’m doing.

If you would like pair of your own, they have a lovely selection of trainers, they start from £65, I have the EasyTone trend, they are £70 and look fab. They also do a Flip Flop that I am currently coveting.

If you want to see more reviews on the EasyTone trainers then pop over to their Reetalk-Toning site, you can see all the trialists and how they are getting on with theirs.

 NM X 


  1. Great review. They look really good. £65 is more money than I can justify spending on trainers at the moment but when the OH is back in employment I'm going to get myself some based on this review. At the end of the day it's cheaper than gym membership.

    Thanks x

  2. I completely understand hun, but your right much cheaper than the gym x

  3. I so want them. Need to wait until my birthday in September I think before I can justify the price. :(

  4. Boo, you could have them as an early birthday present ;)

  5. Walking up a hill in normal footwear would be better for your muscles. The whole thing is a con. But hey, if you want to throw money away instead of going for a walk with some hills in, that is your choice.

  6. I haven't got any hills in Lincolnshire, its a flat county


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