Monday, 26 April 2010

Sponsored Post - Start-rite Shoes

BG has developed my obsession  passion for shoes, she gets a little too excited when it’s time to put her shoes on running around screaming “shoes” “shoes” and if she’s wear wellies she squeals with delight. Like most parents I want to make sure she wears the best shoes possible to ensure her feet grow properly. I don’t mean the most expensive but the best quality.

Children’s feet grow quite quickly and have to be replaced on a regular basis, especially at BG’s age she is growing fast. Unfortunately where I live there is not a great selection of children’s shoes, in the past I have been put off buying children’s shoes online as I don’t always know the size of BG’s feet when they have grown. Now I could go to the shoe shop in town get her feet measured then buy on online or I could use Start-rites ingenious Click n fit.

Click n Fit allows parents to measure their children’s feet by taking a picture and uploading the picture to Start-rite's website. Wondering how it works? Then check out this video, that gives step by step instructions.

With their history dating back to 1792, Start-rite has a lot of experience in creating quality shoes. In 1952 they decided to concentrate solely on Children’s shoes. Start-rite shoes have been granted the Royal Warrant twice and have supplied the Children Royal Family with over 1500 pair of shoes.

If you are not sure about using the Click n Fit service you can purchase a shoe gauge to use at home, from £4.99. Start-rite has a large online collection, including some really pretty girls sandals, ideal for summer.

Start-rite shoes are also available in many children shoe shops.

For more information on Start-rite shoes and were to buy them pop over to their website


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