Tuesday, 18 May 2010

New Mummy Does Gardening – Part 1 Getting Started

Last year me and OH decided to start growing our own veg and herbs etc I’m not the best at gardening, mainly because I didn’t have a garden for 8 years prior to moving in with OH, though I can just about keep houseplants alive.

We started slow and grew cherry tomatoes and basil last summer. We had the Basil in a hanging basket and we grew the tomatoes in our little plastic greenhouse. The tomatoes did really well and basil didn’t do badly but we forgot to bring it in during the winter so the snow killed it.  

This year we have gone bigger and better, we are trying to be as green as possible and slim our bins. I also want BG to be involved in growing her own food and plants, we are growing from seed

Salad Leaves
Dwarf Beans
Poppies (MIL favourite flower for her birthday, sshh don’t tell her)

And we bought strawberry plants and they are in out hanging baskets.

OH is really good at gardening, he should be his dad is a farmer, I have to search on line for gardening tips when his not around, mainly so I can sound like I know what I’m talking about.
BG loves gardening so does it with her granddad and likes digging the best!

I’m really impressed in our well our plants are growing so far, they are looking strong and are almost ready to plant out as they are mainly living in out greenhouse at the moment to protect them from our unpredictable weather.

I’m really enjoying this gardening stuff, you get such a sense of achievement when you see those green shoots coming up and now they are getting bigger I’m getting just a little excited I can’t wait to see them fully grown and eat the veg!!

Do you grow your own fruit or veg?

NM x

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  1. We love our garden too. We have had real success with rainbow chard (so good that Sarita even eats it and it is green) radishes (as they grow fast) and purple beans (they go purple when ripe and then green again when cooked).
    I look forward to your updates.

  2. Ah BG will benefit so much!
    Don't worry about killing off your basil, the common variety is a frost tender annual anyway. I always sow basil every year in pots.

  3. We have just started growing somethings for smurf, a pumpkin hopefully for halloween and some strawberries because he completely loves them. I will be keeping tabs on how you do as I dont have very green fingers so will be looking for tips.

  4. We planted a herb garden this morning.. First time I've tried to grow something, Molly loved watering the plants and thinks the mint smells 'deeeeelicious'. :) we now have Mint, Basil, Parsley, Rosemary, Chives and Alpine Strawberries growing on our windowsill in the Kitchen, and the whole log cost £10!!! Brilliant.

  5. Mother Of Invention - Purple Beans sound fab!!

    Debs@carrotandkids - she loves it! OH's mum has given us some new basil

    Lorraine - Thats a great idea!

    anon - How sweet. Its so cheap to start growing


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