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Review - Silver Cross Surf

I truly love Silver Cross and have been dreaming of owning one ever since I was a little girl. When I saw the new Surf pram was being launched I knew I had had to have it and I’m so please I have!

I wrote a post just before the launch in March explaining the features of the Surf

It was so simple to put together, the wheels clicked into place and the instructions where really clear. As soon as BG sat in it I knew she loved it, she liked being up high and the seat seemed comfortable and well padded.

I like that you can have it forward facing or parent facing, to be honest BG prefers to be forward facing but I like having the options. The Surf is a complete dream to push; it’s so smooth and has suspension so you don’t feel the bumps. The seat can be put in three positions including flat which is great when BG falls asleep. The hood is huge and shades from the sun really well.  I love the adjustable handles, me and my OH are different heights but we can both push this pram with ease.

The basic pack comes includes a baby nest so you put your child in from birth, a protective apron, insect net, rain cover, protective seat liner and parasol, it’s not the cheapest pram on the market, though it’s not the most expensive. You can also purchase a carrycot and car seat to use with the chassis.

The only negative about the surf is how small the basket is underneath; I’ve had to purchase items so I can shop while using it.

We recently took a trip to London with the Surf, that included trains and the underground and it was a breeze with the Surf.

It’s a great pram and I’m glad I’ve got it; I love to show it off.

The Surf is not available online at present see here for a list of suppliers. 


This post was originally written for the Mums Test on Living With Kids 


  1. Yes weve got one and the baby does not lye flat in the baby snug which is supposed to be from birth. I`ve emailed Silvercross about and it and they have not bothered to reply. So personally I wouldn`t buy the Silvercross Surf. If anything the baby snug restricts the babys airway. And the customer service is rubbish. Wasted hundreds.

  2. i brought the sliver cross surf about 3 weeks ago my baby is 5 weeks old i use the lie down bit with the foam wedge at first i loved the pushchair but when baby is in the newborn bit it looks like the baby is not got anoth breathing space im always cheaking if babys ok. its really horrible when u wanna get it up high steps its not good when ur folding it in and out chairs u have to take it all apart and wht is with the rain cover not me i hate the pushchair my son weight in a 10lb 7 oz and it was way small for him i use car seat now intill i can get new pushchair i would not buy this pushcahir u will be disapointed witch is a shame i fell in love with it and its not good for toddler and not anoth room to move around

  3. i dont say its that bad i know when babys in newborn bit theres not anoth room and its a pain when u wanna get it in and out of car not a pushchair i would buy again i had in lilic it horrible colour when u see it in real i like the pushchair because i like silvercross i got a i candi on order im going to see how i get on with that one oh and the faom on my handle has tared as well cannot replace it as well

  4. I would not advice people to fork out the money for this unsafe product. The Baby snug which is supposed to be suitable from birth makes the baby lye very uncomfortably and restricts the babys airway. And then when you inform Silvercross they dont bother to get back to you.

  5. i did not uses baby bit so canot comment on thing abput air way im iv have a 11 month old and he looks really big in in i would not getpushchair if ur none to have big babys this pushchair no good

  6. I haven't used the baby nest so I can't advise on that. I have had both my daughter who is very tall for her age and my niece who is average size and neither of them struggle to be comfortable in it.
    I'm sorry you have has issues with the pram, I still use mine and my daughter is 22 months and I plan to use it when I have another baby.

  7. i have ordered the surf and look forward to receiving it. i cant see how people can complain about having to take the pushchair apart inorder to fold it down for cars ect as this is an obvious feature and would have been known before it was brought.

  8. Has anybody come across a stylish changing bag for the surf yet??? i have mine set up ready for the babys arrival and cannot wait to use it bit annoyed i didnt get a bag in with the price

  9. I love my new surf pram I had the 3d which I had loads of problems with and think they are unsafe! But the opposite can be said of the surf its lightweight, sturdy n has great handling! yes the shopping basket is tiny but that wouldnt be enough for me to not give this pram 5/5 .. very happy mummy n baby!

  10. I love this pram. It's easy to fold down if you bother to read the instructions on how to do it correctly. It's also very flexible in that you can remove the wedge from the snug, and remove the snug when your baby gets bigger. These complainers should have done their research before choosing something unsuitable for their needs. It does everything it proclaims to and my baby is extremely comfortable and safe in it.

  11. i have a big baby and he has been very comfortable in the snug. Friends of mie have spoken to silvercross and they have designed a new wedge to avoid the airway problem.My friends received it for free, so always worth enquiring if you are unhappy with what you have. Personally I love the pram, but agree the shopping basket is too small.

  12. I have this pram on order and cant wait to get it and use it when my baby comes along :D After looking and having demonstrations and advice on every pram out there, I have to say this did and still does seem the best looking and practical pram out there at the moment :D

  13. I have a surf and I have had reall problems with it.

    I can't get mine to fold down at all - it has jammed, I have contacted Silver Cross and they say they haven't had any other feedback saying it's an issue.

    Has anyone else had a problem like this?

  14. We like our Surf, although it cannot handle sand!
    Baby has used from birth & is now 5 months and has always seemed comfy.
    Closing mechanism has jammed a couple of times but it closed eventually.
    Basket is small but we realised this when buying it! We thought it was a compromise worth taking for its other positive features.
    Easy to take pushchair apart from chasis, although taking car seat off is bit more stiff, needs a foot.

  15. i have a silver cross on order and fell in love with it when i see it in the shop it seems very practical for the uses i want it for light weight and compact and i have ordered extras for it so looking forward to seeing my unborn son in it

  16. Have sent back twice because closing mechanism keeps jamming.

  17. I've had the Surf for 1 month now and it is fantastic. Both the car seat and the snug are fantastic - he sleeps in it very happily. But from our perspective, the system moves around really easily and folds really simply (the wife took a few goes to get used to it, but once she worked it out there was no looking back!)

    The snug works really well - I've seen a few comments saying that it is dangerous and I can't see why - perhaps some people have set it up incorrectly? I think the idea is that it is a wedge which fits into the angled section (which acts as a seat later). We thought it was a bit strange at first, but when we moved the snug up to the higher level it was fine.

    The whole system, including the car seat cost me around £600 which is hundreds less than the Bugaboo I was going to get.

    I bought the Surf because I would prefer to buy from an English company and I'm not disappointed by the Surf. I'm a designer and I've had loads of comments about how great it looks as well!

  18. Thanks for posting your review, very helpful!

    I'm looking at buying a Silver Cross Surf and currently doing a bit of research. I loved the look and feel of the shop model I tested out but found it really tricky to remove the seat from the chassis, almost like the button release was getting stuck. Perhaps it was just the shop model?... but I was wondering as the owner of a Surf if you've ever found this a problem?

    Would be interested to hear your thoughts now you've had it for a good few months!

  19. I'm looking at buying this one, but wonder how people have found it for walking? Walking on uneven surfaces, grass, crushed rock paths, cobblestones, etc Am tossing up between this and a 3 wheel (air-filled) Mountain buggy (NZ brand). I want a pram that I can go for daily walks/exercise with.

  20. Hi just wondered if anyone has had any problems with the handle bars, should it feel soft when u press down? is it the suspension or a fault as we have only just noticed it and or little boy is 4 months now.
    The pram is great we bought the carricot to start with and our baby loves it! It's very roomy and looks very comfortable! We couldn't be happier with our black surf!

  21. Hi We have had the surf since our little lady was born, she is now 5 months.

    The baby nest with wedge did mean that she couldnt lie flat even though it was bought with that in mind. The wedge seemed to mean she lay with her chin on her chest. I believe that there is a new design wedge that you can get from silver cross if you are having this problem. She much prefered sitting in the first level upright posisiton from about 3 months. We also removed the baby nest and just used the snug (it being winter). The snug is quite short and would not like to attempt to fit her in it in another 6 months.

    We also got the matching car seat so we can fit it to the chassis. The car seat release buttons are really tricky to do - and I do have to put my foot on the base to lift it off. Made even more hard because she is in the seat. We have had to return it as the release button fell off somewhere, and I didnt realise and had it stuck on the wheels when I was out - meaning you cannot remove it!!! Problem!!

    The basket mechanism also broke and the shopping basket fot stuck on the wheels - again it had to be returned for removal. Again could not collapse it when out so difficult getting it home in the car.

    All in all - its a beautifully designed buggy. However looks can be deceiving and I would not buy this product again. I would buy a quinny or an icandy apple. Shame because I looked forward to getting it so much.

  22. Do not buy this pram! folding mechanism will def break as it has a design fault causing an essential part of the folding process to wear away, mine being after just 6 weeks of use. Also it is absolutely useless when walking on uneven ground and when going up and down kurbs/steps. Be warned.

  23. i love the surf, no complaints apart from basket underneath being small but knew this before i brought it and is perfect size for carrying the raincover and insect net in the pouch supplied.

    my son is now 6 months old and have used this many times since birth with babynest which was very comfy and not restricting at all(dont understand what all the bad comments are about???)and more recently with snow and cold weather have been using the snug which keeps baby very warm. baby always sleeps soundly in the surf so dont think he has any complaints!

    i purchased the optional maxi cosi adaptors so i could add on my pebble car seat to make it a travel system which is very handy for short trips out and saves my back as baby is becoming to heavy to carry in carseat.

    i absolutely love mine have it in the linen colour and always get comments and looks from people when out.

    the comments about it not being compact are not justified as it takes up no more boot space than any other 2 piece pushchair such as spin/quinny/icandy or bugaboo as i did alot of research. if you want a very compact pushchair then go for a cheaper umbrella folding stroller. if you want a stylish, comfortable and multi functional pushchair go for the surf im glad i did!

  24. We've ordered a Surf and I'm quite happy we have. Our baby is due in a few months and I can't wait to use it.

    Found it a bit tricky to collapse at first but guy in store was extremely helpful. He helped us weigh up pros and cons against other popular brands. Definitely worth talking to someone in store about your needs before buying - it's got to be a practical shopping trip.

    What swung it for us was my ability to separate the pushchair/car seat from chassis, fold the chassis and lift it by myself. It's so lightweight even I managed to do it. We've also gone for cosy toe and Maxi-Cosi adaptors so we can use the Pebble car seat.

    Will reserve full judgement til I use it but ticked all my boxes.

  25. I love this pram. Daughter had it from being 2 weeks old, she was born 6 weeks prem and no probs!! We did buy the carrycot also though and used for the first 3/4 months. We opted for this because I have horses and wanted to ensure she was nice and snug whilst spending a couple of hours outside with me throughout the winter every day!!

    I don't mind the lack of bag space as I'm not a big shopper and the pram's so manoeuvrable I can push one handed with shopping in other easily!! We bought the extra basket which clips on and is plenty of space for me!

    The folding mechanism hasn't been a problem either as I drive a truck so I literally open my boot, pick up pram (ever so light!!) and place in boot, then put the brake on!!

    I did struggle slightly with removing the car seat from chassis, but once I got the knack it became easy!

    Having horses I needed a pram which was a good off roader and didnt have tyres that would easily puncture and the Surf's been brilliant!! Also because my daughters now in the pushchair and out of carrycot we bought the snug which has also been great and keeps her legs and lower body lovely and warm!!

    Definitely recommend

  26. Hi all!

    I am looking at possibly purchasing this product but would love help and advice from any of you surf owners????
    The model that we looked at in the shop was really scratched up on the silver bits (obviously I know its not going to be perfect being a model)... But I am just wondering how you have all found it to be as far as scratching and marking?
    I would be looking to get this in black.
    Thanks for your help - Katy

  27. Hi
    i love this pram/pushchair. As soon as i seen this i fell in love with it, we were going to get the quinny and so glad we never. Our little boy is 8 months now and he loves it being able to see out, i love how you can have it either facing you or facing out we have got the it in lime green and love it we did not get the carry cot as we didnt think we would use it and would be a waist of money and we were right and glad we never got it. I do agree with the basket being to small and also the snug when my little boy was about 4 months i had to take the cushion out of the snug as he didnt look comfortable any more and not long after that i took the full snug out as he was a big baby and still is now but i am willing to get the full wear out of it. One more this is that our chassy seems to have scratched easy i noticed this from when he was a couple of weeks old, but that has not put me off it still.
    It is very stylish and couldnt wait to take my baby boy out in it when he was born.
    i love the new colours they are brining out for a boy a navy blue and think i might have to get that.
    i would defently recomend this pram to anyone who is looking at buying it, its lovely to push as well.
    if anyone else has had problems with the cassy scratching easy would you let me know please thanks?!

  28. I LOVE my surf its amazing!! ive used it from birth and my baby was very comfy and can breath fine!!! i dont understand how people are saying that it restricts the airways as they clearly havent put baby in properly.
    The surf is amazing to push and looks great ive had so many lovely comments about it.
    Folds down so small and even fits in the boot of my fiesta which most prams dont. Its so light weight i can lift it with one hand.
    Love it and will use it for my next baby as well

  29. looking at purchasing surf is it worth forking out £150 for the carry cot

  30. I've been using the surf for a month now and find it perfect. I worried I would have trouble getting the seat on and off the chassis but its easy to do once you practice a few times.
    The suspension is great for strolling the bumpy pavements around here and it is light enough to push up and down curbs and even lift up the small flight of stairs to our apartment.
    I didn't purchase the carrycot and have not missed it yet. My baby is very small and fits nicely into the newborn nest, although his head sometimes looks tilted a little too far forward as the nest isn't 100% flat. I can imagine if you wanted a lie-flat option that lasts for longer than a month or two then the carrycot might be useful.

  31. anyone know how to get the wheels off the chassis once they are on??

  32. this is amazing..... i own a baby shop and have sold loads of these and never had any complaints about it. its slylish and comfortable and aslo there is no need to get a carry cot if you dont want as the sung makes the seat unit suitable from birth ( the airway problem has been solved and a new snug made) its folds small and as for the comments on having to remove the seat until to collapse you have to do this with most prams/pushchairs now! i think this is amazing also not many people are aware you can change the colour of the pram for £140 by purchasing an essential pack wich gives you a seat liner, parasol, and footmuff and hood so if you have a girl then have a boy instead of getting a new pram just get a diffrent colour esenssial pack! precious moments is our shop 01269 831544 give us a ring! x

  33. We have a surf and we love it! Our little lady was quite big born and we bought the carrycot but never needed it. (I think smaller babies would be very comfy in it though!)
    We have it red and lilac and love the fact I can swap colours depending on the weather. The way it is designed is so easy to use and I don't find any problems with the extra shopping basket. I get comments all the time about how lovely it looks and have noticed more and more people pushing a surf! Silvercross are a quality company and we have also bought a highchair and buggy from them. They always answer questions quickly and offer solutions.
    The only problem I have with the Surf is that it does scratch easily I have contacted SC and they have no plans to make a repair kit as yet but you never know! Also it would be nice with such lovely colours that the rain cover could be made to match the colour you have as they are just black x

  34. We bought the surf and not really that pleased with it. I actually found it very good for when my baby was newborn but now he is 5 months old he looks so uncomfortable in it and I had to take him out of the snug as he just looked too big and he is an average size baby. I bought the extra shopping basket and it was a waste of money as it holds nothing.My sister in law bought a bugaboo and it is by far more pratical and they have thought of everything. I am going to try and sell my surf and get something else as i cannot see my baby getting the time out out of it.

  35. I really like the look of the surf but roughly what age do they go up to, My last baby I had graco travel system which was already 7 years old when I got it, but unfortunately the handle broke so I have to manually put it down my hubbys all for using it again this time round but my mum has kindly offered to buy me another one so looking round. I have not seen this in a shop sadly only on line. so can anyone suggest any stores I can visit in the kent, england area at all??? I am also considering bugaboo but think the price of that might be pushing it a bit far

  36. The snug/nest is only intended for newborn use... My son grew out of the nest within the first 3 months but is still very happy and comfortable in the stroller without it (now 6 months old). I'm hoping that he'll continue to fit the stroller for a long time to come, at least 18 months perhaps longer.

  37. has the surf carrycot got a harness attatchment please

  38. i have just ordered the silver cross surf special edition and i am sooo excited about gettin it :-D we chose not to buy the carrycot but i do have a few questions i would like to ask if anyone who has one could tell me. The baby nest comes with the set however i baught the snug seperate i havnt actully seen the snug before is it just like a footmuff? and is it comfortable enough for a newborn to use this pram without using the carrycot? replies would be greatly appreciated

  39. We've recently bought the surf with the lime essentials pack for our first baby, due in November. We demo'd a LOT of pushchairs and prams in stores and took our time deciding which one to go for, but eventually decided on the Surf and we love it after lots of playing at home - can't wait to get our baby in it for real.

    Key features for us were: lightweight; easy to assemble and disassemble; choice of colours; suitable from birth; front and rear facing options; fits in the boot of our (average size) car; manouverable on variety of surfaces and that it fits a car seat (we went for the Pebble with adaptors).

    We decided not to go for the carry cot as it is not suitable for overnight sleeping, which would have been handy for visiting the in laws when the baby is really small. With the newborn snug and cosy-toes (especially with the improved foam wedge to allow the baby to be fully flat) we didn't feel we needed it. We've gone for the Silver Cross change bag too, although it would be lovely if that started to come with different colour accents to match the essentials packs!

    Am looking forward to buying the new special editions essential pack for next summer. The only thing I would love to see is a specific design of sheepskin liner for the baby nest, as I think the lovely furry look of these is lovely and snuggly for a newborn. We've bought a generic one, but the specially made ones tend to look better.

  40. I have this pushchair & my baby is now 9weeks! Its been fantastic I love it! Yeh the basket is small but hey you can always put baby in shopping trolly! I just need to figure out how to change the positions lol.

  41. I bought a surf for my grandaughter (who lives with me) when she was born. I simply dont understand the comments about the snug restricting breathing. My grandaughter continued to use the snug until a couple of months ago (she is 7months now) and always was very comfy in it. I also bought the carrycot which was so useful when she was little and she always slept in it during the day. Elsie is not a small baby by any means but always seems very comfy and sleeps well in it. I have had no problems with it at all - nothing has broken and it folds easily. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

  42. Love ourt Surf but unfortunately we are sending it back again to have the folding mechanism looked at! Such a shame as love it!

  43. I really like my pram but wish I had bought the carrycot. My baby is now 3 months and we have used the Silver Cross Surf from birth. Could anyone please twl me at what age you can take out the baby nest and use the pushchair part as my baby is getting close to outgrowing the nest.
    thanks in advance!

  44. ive just purchsed this pram, ive opted not to go for the carrycot as we have a small car, i dont understand alot of the comments about the babynest restricting breathing etc, and the new model seems to lie them totally flat. so im a little concerned.

  45. i love our silvercross surf but over the past 2 days i have noticed that one of the front wheels has become abit stiff and have been told to remove and clean it but no longer have my instuctions does anyone no how to do this thanks


    1. ours has fallen off a few times too touch wood only twice so far and had for 7 months

  47. Those are beautiful prams. Very stylish... I liken them to a sporty version of these Excellent prams and pushchairs:

  48. Just got my surf and put it all together straight away :), I absolutely love it looks so comfy for baby and easy to use, comes with everything you need except changing bag but I'd prefer to pick my own change bag anyway :), cannot wait to use it one of the best prams I have had this is the 4th, defo would recommend looks stunning ...

  49. Love Love Love my Surf!!
    I am a total Silver Cross addict.
    I have a 3 year old and a six month old, and all my prams and Pushchairs have been Silver cross.
    I have to date owned the coach built Malborough, the Sleepover with both the linear and classic chasis, the pop and now the Surf.
    I have the full kit and caboodle and have never had any issues with any of it.
    It pushes like a dream (even our 3 year old can push her little sister).
    We have on occaison even had our 3 year old in it when she has grown too tired on long walks. Whilst not ideal to have a 3 yr old in, though I don't know many 3 year olds that still use a pushchair anyway!!She doesn't look particularly uncomfotrtable in it and she's a tall girl.
    I would highly recommend the Silver Cross Surf to anyone and everyone!!

    1. I would like know if a 3 year old child could use the silver cross chair or if it is too small for him. could he lean his feet on sthg when he is on the chair?


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