Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Review – Yeo Valley’s Little Yeo Yogurts

BG is a yogurt fiend; she will eat it all day if I let her. It was one of the first foods I weaned her on and she has loved it ever since, which is great as she won’t drink milk so I have a great way of getting calcium into her.

Yeo Valley ‘s New Little Yeo yogurts are sugar free, actually they only contain 6 ingredients.  Made with mild, creamy organic wholemilk yogurt, natural fruit purees, and sweetened only with apple juice concentrate, Little Yeo’s six-pack of yogurts is  blended to a smooth and thick ‘stay on the spoon’ texture.

We were sent some to review, well for BG to review and she loved them, to be honest I knew that she would. However for me and a neurotic food mum, I like that it has no added sugar, I spend my life reading labels making sure the food I give to BG is not full of sugar or salt or anything else that I consider bad for her.

I would recommend the Little Yeo No Added sugar yogurts to all parents; they are completely yummy and contain no nasties. They come in two sizes, 6 x 55g and 4 x 90g RRP from £1.69, available in most supermarkets. 

We also like the Yeo tubes in this house, I freeze them for BG, great when she’s teething and she thinks she’s getting a treat.

Yeo Valley has launched a Little Yeo’s site www.littleyeos.co.uk nutrition advice, recipes, games and even colouring sheets, pop over and take a look. 


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