Thursday, 10 June 2010

New Mummy Does Gardening – Part 2 Planting Out

In my first post on gardening I shared with you the beginnings of our small garden. Well it’s been about three weeks and the growing is going strong.

We have now planted out our Marigolds, Dwarf beans, parsley, thyme and sunflowers and thanks to the great weather we had last week and the lashing of rain we had at the weekend they are coming on a treat.

Now we have a pretty small garden so OH has built a raised bed from old garden furniture!! How’s that for repurposing? Its looks great......

He’s really chuffed with it and I think it’s fantastic. I’m even more proud that we used our own compost to help fill it. We bought a composter last summer and have been filling it with veg peelings, tea bags, coffee grounds etc and it turned into lovely compost for our plants!

Here are our beans....



We had two pots of Parsley so we took one in doors for using now and its doing well on our window sill.

We originally planted some strawberries out in the bed but they weren’t doing well but we moved them to a hanging basket like our other ones and they are now thriving. So great gardening tips plant you strawberries in hanging baskets!

We decided to keep our salads leaves where they are for now as they are going to be eaten quite soon and they are not come again leaves so they won’t re-grow once we have eaten them.

We had some space in our raised bed so we planted some more beans and salad leaves for a later harvest, hopefully we will have veg throughout the year.

It’s not too late to start growing, now the weather is good you can grow quite a few things outside straight away.

June is a good month for ...

Dwarf French Beans
Runner Beans
Sprouting Broccoli

So go on, what are waiting for?

Next Time – Eating what we have grown.


*This is a sponsored post, all words are my own. 


  1. Love it, you really are going well, love the raised beds from furniture idea

  2. I love the shape of your small gardening area - a little quirky. Wow it looksl ike it is all taking shape. We have a hole greehouse full of herbs - though no veg this year. For some reason the gardener does not have time (OH) cant think why not?!!!! Good luck and enjoy the fruits of your labour

  3. TheMadHouse - He was so proud of it and it does a fab job.

    Naomi Richards - Its the initial planting of the seeds etc I found the hardest the up keep is quite easy. I can't wait to start eating it

  4. Wow, those are doing well! We got the CBeebies seeds and all are growing OK but really must transfer the beans,not enough soil where they are and are going yellow, might just be able to save them

    All yours looks so green and healthy and that parsley - am envious!

    Becky x


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