Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Review - Little Ones Clothing

Little Ones Clothing is an online children’s clothing store that aims to supply great clothes at fantastic prices.

The founders of Little Ones Clothing have this to say.

Little Ones Clothing is a family run business, our beautiful son Toby is at the heart of everything we do-he is our inspiration.

Like any new parents we wanted to make sure that Toby always looked good and well dressed. From time to time we wanted to be able to spoil him without spending a fortune. The clothing brands and children’s stores on the high street seemed limited in their offering and we often felt that we wanted something a little bit different. We began to seek out quality brands that can offer stylish clothes at an affordable price. Now it is our aim to share these great brands with you. We take pride in only ever purchasing products that we would buy for our own child, we will not compromise on design or quality. We are relentless in our search for new brands that represent our values, we want to ensure that we are constantly bringing you the latest brands at reasonable prices.

They sent BG this lovely T-shirt

It’s made by the brand Minoti, and is very pretty. BG loved wearing it, though she loved trying to pull the buttons off a little more and has managed to remove one (she’s really determined).

It’s made of 100%, it is very soft and washed up well over and over again. BG has definitely had some wear out of it and apart from the button its held up well under the BG’s strain.

Now this T-Shirt is now longer available on little ones clothing, (I *may* have taken a while to write this review) however I’ve had a little look and there is this fab Butterfly T-shirt which is similar and costs £4.50 which is an excellent price.

Would I buy from Little Ones Clothing? Yes, the clothes are gorgeous and are at fantastic price.


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