Monday, 28 June 2010

Review - Wilkinson Nappies

A few weeks ago I did a review on Wilkinson’s new baby range, well they have now launched a line of nappies and I was sent some to review.

The first thing you notice about the nappies is that they are quite plain and basic but don’t let this put you off, just because there is no fancy design doesn’t mean they don’t work.
I found they kept BG dry throughout the day and night, there was no leakage. They fitted snugly and seemed comfortable; BG didn’t have an issue with at all.

Wilkinson nappies come in three different ranges Cosy Dry, Active Fit and Easy Pant. We had the active fit ones but I would like to try the Easy Pants next as I find pull on nappies easier with BG now she likes to wriggle away.

The best thing about these nappies is the price one pack costs £3.74 and you can buy two packs for £7, that’s a bargain in my eyes.

Would I buy them? Yes, I’m not loyal to any brands I tend to buy what is on offer, though if I have a bad experience with a brand I don’t buy them again.

Wilkinson nappies are available to buy in store now and fit sizes 9-20lbs up until 35lb+

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