Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Car Travel with Children – BG Style

So you’ve got your family car, you’ve compared car insurance quotes, you have the car seat and you have your destination, all you have to do now is keep the kids happy, easy, right?

Well not always, BG has a bit of a love, hate relationship with cars. She loves playing with cars, along with trains they are her new favourite toy, when we pass a car she shouts “car, brum brum” but when it comes to car journey’s especially long ones she hates it and it often leads to complete a complete breakdown. If she feels she’s been in the car too long she screams and screams and has sometimes has made herself sick, this is not fun for any of us so we’ve come with a plan of action to make the journey more enjoyable.

  • Firstly I always make sure BG has a clean nappy on before we get in the car
  • Make sure she’s wearing something comfortable, when she was a baby I would keep her in a baby gro.
  • Make sure that the sunshade is on the windows on sunny days
  • Attach toys to the car seat were possible, reaching for toys that have been dropped is not always easy
  • I always make sure she has a drink close to her
  • Have a goody bag ready, with extra toys, snacks and drinks. I keep them in the front with me and can pass them back when they are needed.
  • Have a nursery rhyme or children’s CD in the car, if BG gets a bit fed up we sing along and that normally cheers her up. I find if I don’t have something to sing along to all the nursery rhymes go out of my head, especially if she’s started screaming
  • Take regular breaks, have a good stretch and check nappy etc

I have to be honest even when doing all this, sometimes she just doesn’t want to be in the car, and we haven’t worked out how to deal with those times yet. If you have any advice I would be very grateful.


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