Friday, 2 July 2010

New Mummy Does Gardening – Part 3 Eating What You've Grown

Welcome to the 3rd post in the series of New Mummy does gardening, this post if on eating what we have grown. I have to admit that when I said two weeks ago I thought my beans would have been ready to eat now but they are not.  Growing vegetables takes a lot of patience but are well worth it in the end.

My beans are getting there, so hopefully they will be fully grown by the time I write my next post. I did learn something new from my friends on twitter, I didn’t realised they flower first then the beans start to grow!

We have managed to eat the strawberries, I have never tasted strawberries so good, I would have got a picture of BG eating them but they were gone in seconds.

Our salad leaves are also fabulous, they taste so nice and where a big hit at my birthday BBQ. The ones we were growing in the post have all gone, I’m glad we planted some new seeds and they are growing well and should be ready to eat soon.

The parsley has been growing like crazy so I’ve been adding it to everything –

Add a handful to a bolognaise or lasagne

Add some parsley and butter to new potatoes

Mix with fresh bread crumbs and use to top fish, poultry   or a pasta bake (it freezes well, I have a freezer full of parsley breadcrumbs)

Our garden is blooming right now; the new seeds we planted a few weeks back are already growing well....

BG keeps smelling everything it’s so cute, except when she tries to pick them, we lost a bean plant this week.

The hot weather has meant the plants need a lot more water, we are fortunate that we have a waterbut to collect the rain water and we use that, but it’s almost empty so we are hoping for some rain soon.

Hopefully in my next post I will have great pictures of our beans and our sunflowers. I leave you with some pictures of our garden.


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