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Guest Post - Getting the home ready for baby - just where does everything go? by Humma Khan

Getting your home ready for life with a new arrival is all part of the excitement when you’re expecting a baby. And, as our guest blogger, Humma Khan, Manager of the Twickenham branch at Big Yellow explains, creating the nursery is just the start of it.

Furnishing and decorating the nursery is, of course, one of the biggest – if not the biggest – change you’ll make in the home in the weeks and months leading up to the big day. For many people, this means converting a room previously used for other purposes – a spare bedroom, a study or a storeroom, perhaps.

However, your tiny newcomer is also going to make a big impact across the entire home. Your kitchen, for example, is about to become home to milk bottles, baby foods, bibs and possibly sterilising equipment – and then later bowls, plates, plastic cutlery and other tots’ mealtime accessories. In the bathroom, meanwhile, there’ll be new accoutrements like sponges, face cloths, changing mat – maybe even a baby bath.

And then there’s the living area. High chairs, baby bouncers, Moses baskets, toys (need I go on?) will all find their way in here at some point. Remember too, that you’ll need to find a practical and convenient place to store the pram.

All of which will call for some degree of reorganisation to create the necessary space. Exactly how much, obviously, will depend on the available space in your home and how ruthless you are when it comes to parting company with things. If, like many people, you have items of large furniture, and / or smaller, yet equally valuable items that you want to hold onto, you may consider renting a room at a self storage facility.

Protecting your items while in storage

There’s nothing complicated about self storage, although there are a few simple precautions you can take that will help extend the life of your stored items.

A thorough waxing with wood varnish will protect your wooden furniture from moisture, while dismantling flat packed items will prolong their life. Avoid scratches to the components by placing cloth or old carpet between them. Sofas with hard wearing upholstery such as leather or micro-fibre can be stored upright – saving on floorspace – however those finished in delicate materials will be safer stored horizontally. Wrapping your sofa in plastic sheeting will give it extra protection.


Avoid moisture getting to your mattresses by placing then in mattress bags which you should find at a major supermarket or DIY store. They’ll not only keep them dry, but will also help keep them in shape. That said, check mattresses regularly and replace the bag once a year.

Clothes etc.

Clothing, towels and bedding – including duvets, pillows and blankets - will also remain safe and sound in vacuum bags sold on the high street.


Because metal rusts, give items such as filing cabinets, white goods or lawn mowers a light coating of oil before storing them or treat with a rust protection product from a hardware or DIY store.

At Big Yellow Self Storage you can store just about anything. Room sizes range from 9 sq ft up to 400 sq ft and can be rented for as long as you like.

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  1. Thanks for the useful tip about mattress bags... I never even knew they existed!



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