Thursday, 19 August 2010

Review - Tesco Super Fit Nappies

Tesco have launched a new and improved Super Fit nappy, they claim that they are slimmer, lighter, with a better fit and less bulk between the legs making them the perfect ally to baby’s daily adventures.  From playing and stretching to crawling and climbing, they offer maximum freedom of movement and comfort.

They sent me a pack of Maxi Plus (9-20kgs/20-44lbs) to try on BG and this is what we thought.

I have never tried Tesco nappies before for no other reason that I don’t have a Tesco close by so I don’t really shop there, therefore I can’t compare them to the previous nappies.

They worked really well in the day, BG is quite active and they stayed up there was no sagging or leakage. They fitted nicely and the tabs are quite stretchy so they are to put on.
It’s a night they lose points, BG wee’s a lot through the night and these nappies just couldn’t cope with that and leaked 3 nights in a row, I stopped using them as night after that as I was concerned she would become sore. So great day nappy, not so great at night.

The Super Fit Nappies come in 5 different sizes Midi (4-9kgs/9-20lbs), Maxi (7-18kgs/15-40lbs), Maxi Plus (9-20kgs/20-44lbs), Junior (11-25kgs/24-55lbs), Junior Plus (13-27kgs/29-60lbs). Prices start at £3.99 and they are currently on a 2 for £7 offer.

Would I buy them? No I don’t think I would, sorry Tesco.


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