Monday, 30 August 2010

New Mummy Does Gardening – Part 6 Getting Ready For Autumn

Summer is slowly coming to an end it is almost September, so it’s times I started thinking about getting my garden ready for autumn.

All the beans are gone now so we have dug them out and out in the compost bin, we’ve done the same with the sunflowers that have bloomed and have lost their petals. The garden still looks nice and bright as our marigolds are still in bloom.

Our parsley looks like a bush!

I’m going to cut it down this week and freeze it ready to add to stews and casseroles in the cooler weather.  I have some parsley and breadcrumbs already in the freezer.

Our lawn suffers every year, so we’ve got to do some Autumn lawn care this year. We need to cut it right back and then make sure that it can get a good amount of water, to do that we have to make some holes in the lawn with a fork. We are also going to spread some grass seed on the bare areas of lawn in the hope we get some new grass growth.

The plan for the next few weeks is to tidy the garden up and gut back all the weeds etc, obviously on days it doesn’t rain. I also want to see if there is anything we can plant now, we have that little plastic greenhouse. I may also dig up my herbs and pot them and keep then in there so they don’t get attacked by frost later in the year. So much to think about!

How are all your gardens going? Have you got any advice for me?


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