Monday, 30 August 2010

Review - OBaby Mattress from Wilkinson Plus

The very kind people at Wilkinson’s came to rescue recently when BG’s cot bed mattress broke. Don’t even ask how it became broken it just did, well the lovely PR who I had been in contact with for the nappies and toiletries I have reviewed previously sent me a OBaby Foam Cot Bed Mattress and for which I am completely grateful.

BG hadn’t had a foam mattress before so I was interested to see how she was with it, it was thinner than her previous one but I needn’t had worried she didn’t seem to notice!! She sleeps really well on it.

Now when I say it’s thinner than her previous mattress I don’t mean to say that its very thin, it is perfectly fine. I like that it has holes just under the top layer that allows the mattress to breath. The out cover can be removed and put in the washing machine which is bonus.
I have a OBaby buggy so I knew they name and trusted it and at small £35 I thinks it s a great mattress. BG sleeps well on it and it fitted in our cot bed perfectly.

Wilkinson plus have quite a nice range online and have some great Baby Bundles, their cot bundles start from £138, may favourite is this Grace Cot Bed bundle at £198, you get a cot bed, a mattress, a quilt and bumper set and a mobile, I think that’s a great price personally.

Would I buy Obaby ? Yes

Would I buy from Wilkinson Plus? Yes

NM x 

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