Friday, 27 August 2010

Review – Pampers Dry Max

As you know I took a trip to Germany recently to visit the Pampers development centre to learn more about their new nappies with Dry Max technology. They had a launch event a few weeks back but I couldn’t make it so they kindly send me a pack of nappies so I thought I’d review them for you.

Pampers claim that this new nappies are driest ever nappy with 20% less bulk. The nappy is 20% thinner taking 11% less energy and 13% less solid waste to make, up to 12% less packaging weight, 14% less product weight and around 5% less global warming.

What you really want to know is if they work, well me and BG did some testing for you.
The first I noticed is that they are a lot thinner than before and thought like most of you probably do will it make it a difference or will it make them less effective. Well it doesn’t make them less effective it actually makes the work better, the padding was stopping the urine getting to the gel quicker in my opinion. It’s not until I saw BG in a an older nappy which she had her nana’s that a realized what a difference it makes not having that bulk, the nappy had become really heavy and was sagging thus was due to the extra padding.

They work really well during the day, we use the active fit ones which allow BG to move around without them leaking, I love the new extra stretchy tabs it makes securing the nappies easier. We’ve had a few leakages at night but we do have that with most nappies, BG often sleeps 13 hours at night and pees a lot so they have a lot of pressure on them.

Overall they do a great job of keeping BG dry, without leakages or irritation.

Would I buy them? Yes.

NM X  


  1. Great to hear a postitive review, obviously even though I went to Germany etc J is now out of nappies. In many ways I wish he wasnt as I'd love to trial these!

  2. I've never had a real issue with any nappies x


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