Thursday, 26 August 2010

Bookmark It – Little People’s Plates

I’m quite a worrier when it comes to BG’s diet, I try really hard to make sure it’s healthy and balanced and drive myself insane trying to ensure she eats the right food. BG won’t drink milk so I spend my days making sure she had enough dairy products as well as all the other vitamins and nutrients.

Well I found a site to ease my worrying; it’s called Little People’s Plates and what you can do is input all the food your child has eaten in a day or over the past 7 days and it tells you how balanced their diet is, I love it!! Turns out BG is having plenty of diary for her age and 9 portions of fruit and veg (more fruit than veg) a day!! Even the odd treat didn’t cause as issue.

The site is full of great advice and resources such as Ten Steps for Healthy Toddlers and print off charts so you can keep a record of what your child is eating is you are concerned about their diet.  

So you are a little concerned about your toddlers diet or just want some advice then have a look at Little People’s Plates.


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