Saturday, 14 August 2010

Review - Rachel Yogurts

I’ve mentioned before that BG is a huge yogurt fan something I’m really glad of as she won’t drink milk, so at least I know she’s getting some calcium in her. She gets her love from yogurt from her dad, I have to be really in the mood for yogurt and I don’t like bits.

Recently Rachel Organics sent us the largest selection of yogurts I had ever seen with a nice selection for BG and for us.

BG taste tested their My First Yogurts which she really liked, but her favourite was the Taste Explorers. These come in three different sizes, packs of 4 x 90g, 115g and in tubes which went straight into the freezer and have been a godsend in the hot weather and have helped with BG’s teething.  They come in four flavours Strawberry and Banana, Peach and Mango, Apple and Apricot and Raspberry and Peach, these combinations where new to BG and she lapped them up. They are thick and creamy and what I like the most about them in these contain no refined sugars or artificial flavourings.

Out of the huge selection that we were sent to try, OH’s favourite were Low Fat Cherry and the Greek Style Honey and me? Well I loved the low fat Vanilla yogurt, I mixed it with strawberries and crashed meringue for a low fat Eton Mess type dessert, delicious.

Rachel Organics have a large range of products including milk, cream, butter and desserts. You can find Rachel Organics in Sainsbury’s, Tesco’s, Waitrose and Morrison’s.

Would I buy Rachel Organics? Yes I already have, I love the Vanilla yogurt!.


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