Thursday, 2 September 2010

Toys R Us Toyologist Review 1 - Tomy Aquadoodle, Mega Bloks and Bobbin Bumble Bee Game

You may have seen in my sidebar a badge that says Toyologist or seen people on twitter talking about it. Well those of you that have no clue what a toyologist is I shall explain.

Toys R Us have asked a group of mums and their children to review toys from Toys R Us and are calling us Toyologist! We’ve been chosen based on our online presence because of blogging, twitter or Facebook. Never one to turn down free toys for BG, I happily agreed to be part of the team.

As always I will be 100% honest about the toys/products I receive.

We got our first box this week and BG was quite excited when she saw the box, she goes “ooh” every time we get a delivery. It arrived as we were having breakfast so she had to wait a little while before she got stuck in and stuck in she did!

Inside the box was a Geoffrey Giraffe soft toy,  Tomy Aquadoodle Animal Magic Sounds, Mega Bloks Pink Maxi Bag (70 pieces) and Bobbin Bumble Bee Game, so this is what we think of them.

This is a lovely soft toy, its firm but super soft on the outside. BG has really taken to it and its gone to bed with her and Pooh Bear every night since it arrived.  A great toy to play with and would look fab in a nursery.

This is BG’s favourite toy out of the lot. If you haven’t seen these before it’s a mat you draw on using water that fades away when it dries so no mess. It comes with a pen you fill with water and you use that to draw on the mat. This one in particular has animal sounds; it has a big electronic pen which you pop the water pen into. Around the edge of the mat is raised circles next to animals, you press the base of the pen on the circles and they make the noise of the animal and then every time you draw the pen will make that sound, BG loves it. We did have trouble opening the water pen, yes I’m that dumb, you have to twist the lid not the bottle and it opens well. It is a little pricey at £29.99 but they fact there is no mess and it can be used over and over again is great. To make it perfect I would like it to come with batteries that does annoy me and an extra water pen would be good, we’ve already lost our I need to drag out the sofa to find it!

I knew BG would like these, I have bought a few small sets in the past and she has a huge bag at her grandparents. In true BG form the whole bag got tipped out and away she went. BG has a small attention span but these can keep her occupied for 20 mins on her own and when we play with her 45 mins which is great. BG loves to build them up and then break them down again. They are nice and chunky so they are easily for her to handle and they don’t get lost as much, you can see them quite well under the sofa. I like that they come in a bag, it easy to tidy away and store. A good toy for both boys and girls and I think the price is reasonable they will last forever.  They come in a selection of colours not just pink.

Bobbin Bumble Bee Game, £17.99 suitable from 3 years 

BG is far too young for this game so me and OH had a go at it, it’s actually quite fun. There is a bumble that flies around (batteries required) and you have to bop it to stop it getting your honeycomb discs. You have a honey paddle to help bop the bee away. It doesn’t take long to put together and is enjoyable. I have a lovely little girl to pass this on to; I’m hoping she enjoys it. (Not available online)

So that’s our first reviews as Toyologist, I should have some more for you soon.


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