Friday, 3 September 2010

Review – Choc Chick Kits

Both my OH and my MIL are diabetic and my god daughter is allergic to dairy so you can imagine between them there is quite a few things they can’t eat including chocolate. I spend a lot of time at Easter and Christmas trying to find alternatives for them so they feel like they are missing out. So when Galia Orme who runs Choc Chick asked me if I wanted to test and review one of her raw chocolate kits that is not only sugar but dairy free I could resist.

Set up in 2008 by South American born Galia Orme, CHOC Chick has grown from an Internet based company ( based from her kitchen table, to a successful business now supplying retailers, independent delis and wholefood stores such as Planet Organic, Infinity Foods, Whole Foods Market and soon to be stocked at John Lewis Food Halls for Christmas

This is what Galia says about Choc Chick

“I’m delighted that we are finally reaching our aim to make raw chocolate making a main stream activity,” “Making your own raw chocolate is incredibly simple and fun. No tempering is required, you simply melt all the ingredients and pour into ice cube trays, plastic tubs or moulds, freeze to set for 15 minutes and the chocolates are ready to enjoy. It’s such a creative activity and fun to experiment with flavours such as adding chilli powder for chilli chocolates or cardamom and salt for a real taste sensation or sprinkling any fruit and/or nut combination for amazing fruit and nut chocolates. But best of all, raw chocolate is actually good for us, with high levels of antioxidants and absolutely no additives or processed sugar, it’s the easiest way for anyone to enjoy high quality chocolate that is dairy, gluten, preservative and guilt free.

I was sent a starter kit £11.99 and I set about making my chocolates....

It was so simple, you melt the Raw Cacao butter, add Cacao Powder and Sweet Freedom syrup which is natural sweetener made from 100% Fruit.

I then put it in a jug to pour into the moulds, you can use anything but I had a strawberry shaped silicone mould and some egg ones I bought at Easter but you could use ice cube trays.
The mixture should make about 32 small chocolates; I managed to make 39 all together.

You can add flavour to you mix, I add some Vanilla extract to half the batch.  You then pop in the freezer or fridge to set.

Ta da chocolates!

So how do they taste?, I think they are really nice. I like dark chocolate so they were right up my street. They are softer to normal chocolates and melt quite quickly but that isn’t unpleasant. They last for 5 days in the fridge and 10 days in the freezer so you have to eat them quick (such a shame)

OH and my MIL both really liked them and I sent her home with a batch, so a big thumbs up.
Would I buy it? Yes, I’m going to make Christmas Chocolates from the kits.

I have a exclusive discount code for all New Mummy's Tips readers enter CHOCnewmummy at the checkout for 10% off your order. 



  1. These look fantastic. I'm definetly going to check out the site as hubby has just been diagnosed with a wheat allergy. Great review. x

  2. With a house full of 'picky' eaters who have no choice (coeliac, diabetic, dairy intolerance and a serial dieter!) these Choc chick kits are brilliant as they tick everyone's tricky boxes! delighted that they use Sweetfreedom as the sweetner as it is also another really popular staple ingredient in our house, we use it everyone in place of sugar etc. And then becuase we love both products so much we did a bit of research to make sure they really are as good as we thought and we find out that Yes they are and Wow they are both run by inspiring women! hats off ladies !! Claire and Family


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