Sunday, 12 September 2010

TV Review – Cherry Has a Baby on BBC 3

‘Cherry Has A Baby’ is part one of a three part documentary series by Cherry Healy. In this first part Cherry who is 8 months pregnant meets 7 other pregnant women who are different stages in their life, you have (their tittles not mine)

Teenage Mum Paige who is 15
Young Mum Sophia who is 22
Average Age Mum Stacey who is 28
Perfectly Planned Mum Leigh who is 30
Career Mum Tijen who is 35
40 Something Mum Laura who is 40
Last Hope Mum who Angela who is 46

I really did enjoy this documentary, it was interesting listen to the expectations this women had about motherhood. Topics covered included sex in pregnancy, homebirths, dog training, bikini waxes and IVF.

At times I cried with laughter, at times with joys and with sadness. I don’t want to give much away but my favourite part was the home water birth it was so beautiful. At the end we also get to share Cherry’s birth. I liked the honesty from all the mums including Cherry.

It’s worth watching and I’m looking forward to the other two parts ‘Cherry Gets Married’ and ‘Cherry Goes Dating’ in both episodes she meets 7 women going through the same journey.   

You can watch them on BBC 3 starting tomorrow

Cherry Has A Baby - Monday 13th September, 9pm
Cherry Gets Married - Monday 20th September, 9pm
Cherry Goes Dating - Monday 27th September, 9pm
Cherry Goes Dating - Monday 4th October, 9pm

I’d like to see a follow up on these to see how they a year on.

If you watch them let me know what you think.



  1. Off to set the Sky+! Thanks. I'm nearly 28weeks with no2 so this should be interesting, especially as this time I am planning a homebirth.

  2. What an amazing documentary! Very very informative and the presenter Cherry was amazing!!


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